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How much do I get paid?

Once taxes, fees and the Cool Company fee have been deducted, you receive your salary, which is between 60-70% of your invoiced amount, VAT excluded. With the salary calculator on the start page, you can easily check how much you will get as a salary.

What is the cost of using the Cool Company service?

Our margin is £22.50 per week or £80.00 per month. 

Cool Company helps you with all of this:

  • Reporting and paying taxes, fees as well as VAT to the tax authorities
  • Paying your salary onto your account, with taxes already paid.
  • Bookkeeping
  • Insuring you
  • The markets easiest and safest Enterprise Resource
  • Planning

There are no fixed costs or hidden fees.

When do I get my salary?

You will receive your salary once your assignment giver has made the payment. All payment made via same day and will usually be in your account within 24 hours.

What are the similarities between being an independent contractor and being employed?

It is as simple with independent contracting as with a traditional job:

  • You are temporarily employed and receive a salary as an employee.
  • You don’t have to deal with all the administration.
  • We handle all the contact with the tax authorities.
  • We handle your payments such as taxes, fees and VAT.
  • On top of everything, you are ensured.

What about the differences?

When being an independent contractor, you can concentrate fully on your assignments. You can let go of all the administration that torments people who have their own companies.

How much do I get paid

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