International Assignments

Working Internationally?

Let Cool Company take care of tax compliance issues in Norway and Sweden. Our digital platform helps you track assignments across borders so you save time and money while focusing on growing your business.

Want to work in Sweden or Norway?

Here is how Cool Company can help! We give you an overview over how Cool Company will help you with work in Sweden or Norway, and what applies for each country.

Cool Company – Operating Since 2009

Cool Company Takes Care of It All

Contractors are expanding beyond borders, more than ever before.

At the same time, taxes and compliance issues are continuously evolving. The rapidly changing pace can be overwhelming for contractors trying to navigate digital borders.

Cool Company is here to help. We have been taking care of tax, insurance and compliance issues across the Nordics since 2009. We take care of administration issues so contractors can focus on developing their skills and growing their business.

Ready to get started?

For a low margin, Cool Company takes care of your taxes, insurance and employment protection. Cool Company gives you freedom from administration hassles so you can focus on your assignments, build your career, and reach higher levels of success.