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Cool Company a global partner

Supporting today’s contractors is no longer a localised requirement. As flexible workers seek more freedom to work how and where they want. Contractors now need to find ways to work compliantly in the country they are supplying the services too.

Cool Company’s overseas footprint supports the contracting marketplace in providing compliant payroll and tax solutions across Nordics.

Our local compliance partner

Cool Company can support both local and foreign contractors by providing solutions for: 

  • Local Employed payroll
  • Self-employment registration and taxation
  • Overseas company accountancy
  • Immigration assistance*

Words from some of our clients


”With Cool Company, we managed to reduce the amount of time spent on administration. This allowed us to focus on our core business activities, while at the same time knowing that our staff are insured, compliant and safe when on assignment.”


”With Cool Company, we managed to pay hundreds of Buddies, in just one invoice. In addition to the payroll administration, they manage all employer responsibilities so that our Buddies receive access to a pension, sickness pay, holiday pay and social security contributions. This way, we can focus on the core business, which is delivering our solution to our customers.”

Support across the Nordics

With our headquarters in Stockholm, Cool Company are perfectly placed to support contractors and businesses across the Nordics. With Solutions in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, our expertise gives our clients and contractors confidence that they are operating compliantly while working abroad.

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