Umbrella company – a simple way to manage your flexible workforce

Compliantly paying contractors can be difficult regardless of your business size. An umbrella company can help you with everything from invoicing to PAYE deductions. Let Cool Company’s business platform remove the burden of operating payroll for a flexible workforce.

We make it easy for you to manage and pay contractors. We can help you with:

As your umbrella company, Cool Company will assist you with your contractor management and payroll administration – compliantly and hassle-free:

Smooth onboarding

On- and off-board contractors simply by inviting them to register on the platform.

Track your workforce in one place

Dump your spreadsheets. See all your open assignments, contractors and invoices under one simple platform.

Umbrella solution that you control

Keep your admin in-house and still maintain the umbrella company benefits.

Our Intuitive Business Dashboard

Track your projects, contractors and budget via our intuitive digital interface. Here you can manage your teams, create assignments, and approve timesheets in no time.

Manage your teams

Invite your contractors and create virtual teams for a simple overview

Create assignments

Post and delegate assignments to your team, manage schedules, and get a quick overview

Approve timesheets

Review completed projects and time worked, approve and pay wages with one click

What an umbrella company can do for you

Compliant onboarding

Onboarding new workers can become a burden when meeting the statutory requirements for compliance. Our dedicated team ensures that you can work with contractors without having to worry. All of the onboarding checks are managed through our digital platform – you can see the progress from within the dashboard, and rest easy that it is all taken care of.

  • Right to work, PAYE tax, insurance
  • Simple onboarding
  • Only minutes spent on admin

Simple tracking of assignments and teams 

Get the tools to handle all your external resources or let us integrate seamlessly into your current process. As your umbrella company, we will streamline the way you administrate projects and help you keep track of onboarding, assignments, invoices, and timesheets. Our digital platform pulls all data into one place for easy navigation and visibility.

  • Intuitive web platform
  • Your own dedicated account manager
  • Easy integration into your work processes
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Hassle-free umbrella payroll

Payroll is complex and complicated; our platform enables you to process payroll direct from the invoice. On pay day, you get one consolidated umbrella payroll with all your contractor costs to minimise admin time. Cool Company will ensure PAYE taxes are deducted and your contractor gets paid correctly.

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