A simple way to manage your flexible workforce

Working with Contractors is great, but paying them and dealing with compliance is where the headaches often begin. Let Cool Company take away this burden and help you focus on what matters most – utilising this extremely talented additional workforce. Try our platform for free.

We make it easier for you to engage with and pay your contractors. We can help you with:

Onboard contractors quickly

Creating detailed projects and assignments within minutes. Taking care of the compliance and administration.

Track assignments in one place

Dump your spreadsheets. Create projects, assignments and track budgets and deadlines with our web app Business Dashboard.

Get one consolidated invoice

No need to pay multiple invoices for each individual. Manage all of your contractors’ invoices in one place, and pay them in an instant.

Our Intuitive Dashboard Makes It Easy

Track your projects, contractors and budget on our intuitive digital interface that lets you manage your teams, create assignments, and approve time reports.

Manage your workforce

Team management

Invite your freelancers and create virtual teams for a simple overview

Create assignments

Post and delegate assignments to your team, manage schedules and get a quick overview

Approve time reports

Review completed projects and time spent, approve and pay wages with one click.

Compliance and onboarding

Our compliance team ensures that you can work with contractors without having to worry about tax compliance, IR35 or The Criminal Finances Act. Dedicated client delivery managers also help make on-boarding, administration and payment a breeze.
You’ll only need to pay one single invoice, saving your time while ensuring your contractor agreements are full compliant.

  • Tax, CFA and IR35 Compliant
  • Minutes spent on admin

Track your projects and teams in one place 

Get the tools to handle all of your external resources or let us integrate seamlessly into your current process and save time. We will streamline the way you administrate projects and collaborate with your external workforce. Including compliance, hassle-free payrolling, and much more, our web app Business Dashboard gives you the tools to minimise risk and reduce time.

  • Access to our management web app
  • Your own dedicated account manager
  • One consolidated invoice
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Hassle-free payrolling

Working with contractors has never been easier. Send your work orders with assignments, proposed working hours and salary to your external workforce. On pay day, you get one consolidated invoice with all your external consultant costs to minimise admin time. We will ensure tax is deducted and your contractor gets a PAYE salary. 

  • One consolidated invoice
  • Significant time saving
  • Possibility to connect directly through our API 

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