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Cool Company - experts on workforce management

With a heart that beats for anything that has to do with a freer job market, Cool Company thrives on being a part of revolutionizing the way we work tomorrow. Read more about us and our beliefs.

Changing job market

The changing tides on the job market creates a new world favoring the worker.

More and more people are following their passion to create a life where your "job" isn't necessarily a 9 to 5 chore but more of a freer type of employment where focus is more on results than time. We love this new kind of environment and so our mission is to be the freelancers best business partner and facilitate this revolution that's going on - both for the employee and the employer.

Let's start this revolution!

An exciting labor market

At Cool Company we want to create a service in which the user is front and center. We value speed, availability and courage - and we hope to be a support for anyone out there living their dream - or for those who are just setting sail.

We are creating services that makes it easier than ever to be able to fully focus on your business idea - to work together in the eco system we like to call the future job market. And we want it to be fun to go to work!

Our values - or our promise to you


That first step towards doing your own thing is not easy and it takes a bunch of courage.

We're here to hold your hand no matter what comes up and we're thrilled to be a part of your journey.


Let's face it - we're all in it to win it. But we want to win together!

We believe that if you're going to look at us as your trusted partner and hand over your financial administration to us - transparency is key.


Ina fast moving world, we push boundaries to find new ways to improve.

We thrive on understanding our customers needs and make sure we can meet a changing labor market. We're up for the challenge. Are you?

Our management team

Michael Sundquist, CEO

Jonny Simonsson, CFO

Rickard Svensson, CMO