Umbrella PAYE
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  • Set up your umbrella solution in minutes
  • Fixed margin pricing with no hidden fees
  • We manage all your taxes and pay you same day

Umbrella pay done right

Umbrella PAYE made simple

Step 1: Create an assignment

Tell us what you do and how much your client or agency is paying you.

Step 2: Register your time

Now the important part, don’t forget to record your time worked so we can invoice your Client or agency.

Step 3: Payment

When the invoice is paid, we deduct your taxes and pay you into your bank account via Faster Payment.

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Umbrella PAYE done right 
We have helped 50,000 others

Quick and safe set up

Quick and safe set up

Create an account in minutes and be fully insured throughout your project

Online Portal

Online Portal

Log your time, see your payslips and manage your assingments all within our user-friendly platform.

Full Employment Rights

Full Employment Rights

Protected by the full UK employment rights through our Umbrella Solution

Take the stress out of working as a contractor

Being a contractor can feel risky, and manageing your own taxes can be a huge task. We make contracting easier for you. Under our umbrella, you spend minimal time on admin and can focus better on delivering to your clients.

We will handle all your taxes, so you won’t need to worry about self-assessment or compliance, plus you’ll be covered with comprehensive insurance policy and UK employment rights. Leaving you protected and with more time to do what you do best.

Stress-free contractor
What is IR35?

What is IR35?

Kris Simpson, our IR35 expert, guides you through the new legislation, and the changes to expect in April 2020.

The benefits of Cool Company

A safer choice

Your employment rights will be protected through Cool Company while working on assignment.

Simple online platform

You’ll input assignments easily via your smartphone, tablet or computer, then see your payslips allinside our platform.

Personal service

Connect with us however you want via online chat, email or phone at any time we are here to help.

Faster payment

All payments are made via sameday payment, meaning no delays on your pay.

Fixed margin

You pay a fixed margin based on your pay schedule, £22.50/week or £80.00/month. The margin is deducted before tax once your agency or client has paid our invoice.

No hidden costs

Full transparency. No extra or hidden costs. No sign-up fees, no exit fees, no additional insurance fees and no expense processing fees.

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions: 

How much do I get paid?

Once taxes, fees and the Cool Company fee have been deducted, you receive your salary, which is between 60-70% of your invoiced amount, VAT excluded.

When do I get my salary?

You can automatically receive your salary as soon as your client has made payment.

What is the cost of using Cool Company?

Our margin is £22.50/week, or £80.00/month. 

Cool Company helps you with all of this:

– Reporting and paying taxes to HMRC
– Paying your salary onto your account, with taxes deducted
– Access to full employment protection
– Comprehensive employer’s insurance

This will leave you with more time to either work on your projects, and maintain that essential work-life balance. The good news is that we deduct the margin before we work out your taxable income. So, in real terms, you get some of the fee back by paying less tax.

Be a contractor whilst being an employee

It is as simple with independent contracting as with a traditional job:

– You are temporarily employed and receive a salary as an employee.
– You don’t have to deal with all the administration.
– We handle all the HMRC responsibilities.
– We manage your salary payments.
– On top of everything, we are your employer.

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