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Use your skills - forget paperwork

You've got mad skills but no patience for paperwork? We get it.
No need to start your own company. Create an account, and send your first invoice within five minutes!

✓ Work with your own customers and assignments.
✓ We manage all your administration. Insurance is included.
✓ Get your salary within 24 hours - all taxes and NIC paid.

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Cool Company - a first step to becoming your own boss

Whether you want to start freelancing with what you love, consulting or have an extra gig, we have the solution for you. We help you with your administration - leaving you more time to focus on what you're truly great at.

✓ Focus on your idea and your customers - we ensure you that you'll receive your salary with all taxes paid, within 24 hours after your customer has paid us.
✓ Before taking an assignment - notify us via the Dashboard and we will make sure that the assignment is approved, giving you possibly the best insurance coverage on the market.

We have no fixed fees or subscriptions. If you don't send any invoices, you don't have to pay anything to us.

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How to be a free professional

Freelancing is on the rise!

In short - you do the job, you get paid. You have your own customers, find and carry out your own assignments. We help you realize your professional goals by taking care of your invoicing. We make sure that taxes and fees are taken care of and you have one less thing to worry about.

You have access to all your information, invoices and payments directly on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

3 easy steps to get started

Becoming an independent contractor is super easy!

1. You create an account with us, completely free of charge.
2. Inform us that you have taken on an assignment, either by e-mail or by starting an invoice. When you have completed your assignment, you fill out who the invoice is for, and which amount to invoice.
3. You get your salary within 24 hours after payment, all taxes paid.

Easy as pie!

9.98 %9.98 %

No fixed fees

There is a lot to think about when you start freelancing or take on a gig. We want to make it as simple and risk free as possible for you.

Therefore, we have no fixed fees - you pay us when your customer pays you! We charge a fee of 9.98% for the paperwork.

Our offer to you

Admin is our super power

We ensure that taxes, employers' fees and social security fees are paid, and that HMRC receives the correct information in time. You get salary, all taxes and fees paid.

No fixed fees

We believe in transparency! Therefore, we have no fixed or hidden fees. When you submit an invoice, we charge a fee of only 9.98% of the invoiced amount. You will receive your salary within 24 hours after your customer has paid his/her invoice.

A safer choice

You're insured through Cool Company while on your approved assignments. In addition, we will send reminders if your customer is late with payment.

Simple and accessible invoicing

When you create your invoice, choose the amount to be paid, due date, any deductions, currency and language. Your invoices can easily be accessed via your smartphone, tablet or computer.
We take care of the rest.

Personal service

We review all invoices before they are sent to your clients to make sure everything is correct. We'll also help you review assignments and get started, as well as provide advice if you have any questions. Contact us via chat, email or phone.

Create an account today

We are in this together! Cool Company wants to be freelancers and consultants best friend. Therefore, there is no cost involved in creating an account with us. You pay us when your customers pay you.

✓ As an independent contractor, you get the market's possibly best insurance coverage, reviewing that the invoices are properly filled out as well as advice and support if you have questions or concerns.
✓ We'll make sure that all administration works - you get your salary, all taxes paid.
✓ You can be up and running in 5 minutes.

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Here are some of our most commonly asked question:

How much do I get paid?

Once taxes, fees and the Cool Company fee have been deducted, you receive your salary, which is between 60-70% of your invoiced amount, VAT excluded.

When do I get my salary?

You can receive your salary once your assignment giver has made the payment. If you choose the corresponding setting, your salary will be paid out automatically. Otherwise you can choose manual payment and decide for yourself when and how much you can receive in salary.

Please remember that it takes 2-4 banking days before the money becomes visible on your bank account.

What is the cost of using Cool Company?

We take 9.98 % of the invoiced amount, VAT excluded.

You set the price yourself together with your assignment giver. Once you have completed an assignment, you fill in the form by entering the invoice information and payment conditions.

Cool Company helps you with all of this:

- Reporting and paying taxes, fees as well as VAT to the tax authorities
- Paying your salary onto your account, with taxes already paid.
- Bookkeeping
- Insuring you
- The markets easiest and safest Enterprise Resource - Planning
There are no fixed costs or hidden fees.

Independent contractor vs. being employed

It is as simple with independent contracting as with a traditional job:

- You are temporarily employed and receive a salary as an employee.
- You don’t have to deal with all the administration.
- We handle all the contact with the HMRC.
- We handle your payments such as taxes, fees and VAT.
- On top of everything, you are ensured.

What about the differences?

When being an independent contractor, you can concentrate fully on your assignments. You can let go of all the administration that torments people who have their own companies.