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Use your skills - forget paperwork

You've got mad skills but no patience for paperwork? We get it.

Cool Company helps you with your administration - leaving you more time to focus on what you're truly great at.

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Follow that passion - or how to be a free professional

Freelancers unite! Now is the time to focus on building that side gig, full time gig, whenever-you-want-gig.

Cool Company helps you realize your professional goals by dealing with your invoicing. We make sure taxes and fees are taken care of and you have one less thing to worry about.

That gives you more space to do what you're good at - so shine!

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Cool Company - a first step into contracting

Our solution offers a neat first step inform contracting, giving you space to focus on getting started and forgetting the hassle of paperwork.

We're here for you all the way as your trusted administrative partner making sure you've got nothing to worry about.

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3 simple steps to get started


You already have an assignment? Great!
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Perform and invoice

Go out there and shine – invoice through us.
Administration is our superpower.

Money in the bank

Taxes and fees deducted.
Easy as pie.

Leave administration to the experts

You know the deal with sending out invoices. It's a no fun hassle. Make sure everything runs smoothly with payments by leaving the process to us.

Cool Company helps you keep things in check from the get go and you'll have one less thing to worry about.

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Get paid fast and easy

Simple, fast and easy. We keep track on what money goes where - and you get them straight into your pocket. Well, sort of.

At our end - Cool Company charges a fee of 9,98 % of the amount invoiced to take care of your administration and to keep you insured during your assignment.

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Here are some of our most commonly asked question:

How much do I get paid?

Once taxes, fees and the Cool Company fee have been deducted, you receive your salary, which is between 60-70% of your invoiced amount, VAT excluded. With the salary calculator on the start page, you can easily check how much you will get as a salary.

When do I get my salary?

You can receive your salary once your assignment giver has made the payment. If you choose the corresponding setting, your salary will be paid out automatically. Otherwise you can choose manual payment and decide for yourself when and how much you can receive in salary.

Please remember that it takes 2-4 banking days before the money becomes visible on your bank account.

What is the cost of using Cool Company?

We take 9,98 % of the invoiced amount, VAT excluded.

You set the price yourself together with your assignment giver. Once you have completed an assignment, you fill in the form by entering the invoice information and payment conditions.

Cool Company helps you with all of this:

- Reporting and paying taxes, fees as well as VAT to the tax authorities
- Paying your salary onto your account, with taxes already paid.
- Bookkeeping
- Insuring you
- The markets easiest and safest Enterprise Resource - Planning
There are no fixed costs or hidden fees.

Independent contractor vs. being employed

It is as simple with independent contracting as with a traditional job:

- You are temporarily employed and receive a salary as an employee.
- You don’t have to deal with all the administration.
- We handle all the contact with the HMRC.
- We handle your payments such as taxes, fees and VAT.
- On top of everything, you are ensured.

What about the differences?

When being an independent contractor, you can concentrate fully on your assignments. You can let go of all the administration that torments people who have their own companies.