IR35 explained – A quick guide for contractors

Looking for “IR35 for dummies”? Kris Simpson, expert at Cool Company, has put together a brief guide to IR35 – in plain English and easy to understand. In 5 articles you will learn all about the new anti-avoidance tax legislation.

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01 What does IR35 mean?

IR35 it’s big, it’s bad and it’s all over your newsfeed! But do you know what IR35 means? And why do you need to know anything about it? Follow our expert Kris Simpson on his journey to explain IR35 and why it’s important.

02 What is the impact of the IR35 Private Sector Reform?

Next in “IR35 explained”: Why is the new legislation cause for so much debate? While certain groups feel it will be the end of contracting in the UK, others are open to working with it. Kris gives his opinion on how the new reform will affect the private sector.

03 How do I know if I’m inside or outside of IR35?

The new legislation is very GREY. Are you in dire need of some straight answers? Kris will explain the most important things for you as a contractor and give some IR35 guidance on the question: “Am I captured by IR35?”  

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04 What are the penalties if my IR35 status is wrong?

Up until now, failure to comply with IR35 rules fell fully on the PSC contractor. The new reform brings the client into the mix. Kris tells you which new risks and penalties may come with this in the fourth part of our IR35 guide for contractors.

05 Why payroll services are the savior of the IR35 reform!

We have covered the what, why, who and how of the IR35 Private Sector Reform. In the final instalment of our “Reader’s Digest Encyclopedia of IR35” Kris will explain IR35 and how Cool Company can remove most of the struggle surrounding it.

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