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My Money is a section of your Dashboard and it opens as soon as your first invoice has been paid by your client. My Money gives you complete control of your money, salaries and savings. From here you can transfer funds between your accounts at Cool Company and your traditional bank.

f you have any costs for out-of-pocket expenses and travel allowances in connection with assignments, the remuneration for these will be reported here, together with any other payments. The graphic overview also enables you to view the balances of your various accounts.

We will shortly be offering you the option to save into your occupational pension, as well as open an account that can be used to save for whatever you want. The monthly overview lets you see how much you have earned since the start of the year. We also always ensure that you have access to clear and up-to-date salary specifications.

As soon as your first invoice is sent off to your first client, My Company will appear on your Dashboard. My Company provides an insight into how you and your virtual company are doing as an independent contractor with Cool Company.

It is under My Company that you can see how your business is evolving – how many invoices you have created and their value during a specific period. If you invoice for ROT and RUT jobs, an overview of these will be shown separately. You will also find a chart showing your invoicing history and your clients’ willingness to pay and behaviour. With the aid of the annual review, you can see the value of your invoicing month by month. This gives you a clear indication of your current situation compared with previous months.

You can dig down into individual items in the transaction overview.

Once you have created an account with us, you will have access to a personal dashboard. But what does that actually involve and, more importantly, what does it mean? Further explanations are provided below!

Your Dashboard gives you an overview and updates on everything that’s happening. Through Timeline, for example, you receive messages about how payment of your invoices is going, messages from customer support, and messages from other independent contractors if you are working as part of a team. You can also see how your virtual company is developing in My Company, and you can manage your salary and savings in My Money.

Keep a check on your situation: log in and check your Dashboard on a regular basis!

Timeline is a section of your Dashboard. This provides the quickest overview of important items. Here you can see when your invoices are sent to the client, when they are paid, messages about you having to add additional information, etc. You can use Timeline in much the same way as on popular social networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you work alongside others, you can create a Team in your invoice where you specify which other users you have been working with, how much remuneration each person should receive, and the date they completed the assignment. The portal keeps track of how much you can allocate to yourself and your fellow independent contractors in the team and also converts amounts if your invoices are in a currency other than GBP.

Click on Assignment in the navigation menu and select Create new. A new Assignment form will open; fill in the details of the work to be performed, who you are doing it for, how much you will be paid, and the due date for the assignment. When you’ve done this, submit the assignment to us at Cool Company. You can also send the assignment to your client, so that you can both see what you have agreed. Preregistering a new assignment with Cool Company is the best way to ensure that you have the correct insurance when at a client’s premises and doing the agreed work. Tip: we recommend that you always preregister your assignments with us – for your own benefit. You can also save time when invoicing by automatically creating an invoice document using the Assignment contents.

We store your data on a secure database. All usernames and passwords are protected under the Data Protection Act 2018

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