Simple Contracting

Experience simple contracting through Cool Company! As your payroll company, we take care of taxes, insurance, employment protection and pension so you can focus on your assignments.

Easy contracting through a payroll company

Do you ask yourself: “Why use a payroll company as a contractor?” The answer is quite simple: it gives you back the freedom of easy contracting. No need to plough through complicated tax legislations, no more headaches from running your own limited company.

With Cool Company you will enjoy the safety of being employed while experiencing the advantages of contracting. While we take care of all administrative duties, you can focus on your assignments and build a successful business. Sounds good? Read more about the benefits of choosing Cool Company as a contractor.

Taxes, Employment Protection & Insurance

Enjoy headache-free contracting! Cool Company takes care of your taxes, insurance, and employment protection (including pension). 

Get Paid Fast

Just submit a timesheet, then you can sit back, and relax. We handle the entire invoice process for you. As soon as your client pays the invoice, we deduct all necessary taxes and national insurance, and pay you fast.

24/7 Service

Payment questions? Timesheet questions? Independent contracting can come with a lot of worries. You are not on your own though. You can count on our personal support via phone, chat, or email.

Experience contracting freedom

We are proud of 70,000+ successful freelancers, contractors and agencies that have given us their trust. Join Cool Company and experience simple contracting freedom!

SANDRA, 3 NOV 2020

Saves freelancers from a lot of headaches + top customer service! 

Great customer service. They provide helpful answers very quickly and are very friendly!


Cool and simple!

I never thought that being a freelancer was so easy! Very happy with the company, all the procedures are so simple!

KERT, 22 AUG 2020

Best service I ever had.

I have 100% satisfaction!!!! Great job for making my work easy. Looking for more transactions with them!

MAARTEN, 24 SEP 2019

Best solution ever!

I’m free to work the number of hours I want, I’m insured and they pay very fast. Support questions get answered quickly and to the point. Highly recommended.

NEIL, 16 JAN 2020

The perfect tool to start your freelance experience.

I started freelancing recently. A new start comes with a lot of worries clients, planning, projects and of course financing. Cool Company takes away a huge concern on the finance part. No worrying about doing the taxes or VAT…they handle it for you! Can’t recommend it enough.

Choose Cool Company for easy contracting

No worries about taxes, insurance, or employment protection. Cool Company takes care of all the administrative headaches so you can focus on your contracting jobs and win back valuable time for what you value most.