Pricing & Plans

At Cool Company we understand that all agencies work differently, this is why we give you a pricing options based on how often the agency will be paying you.

Join Cool Company today and seize an amazing opportunity that lasts all year. We’re cutting our margin by more than 50% for both weekly and monthly timesheet

£ 10

When you raise weekly timesheets

£ 40

When you raise monthly timesheets

  • Easy timesheet recording – One platform, everything in one place
  • PAYE Administration – we handle all taxes, insurance & employment rights
  • Personal support – We are here for you via phone, chat & email

Our pricing explained

At Cool Company our pricing is designed to match how often your agency will pay you. A weekly Timesheet will have a retain margin of £10 and a Monthly timesheet £40, this is to cover our operational costs.

For our small margin, we make sure all PAYE taxes are deducted, insurance cover is provided and you have access to all employment rights as you would expect.

Freelancer talking on the phone

Questions about price

Choosing the correct pay schedule is important not only for Cool Company but for yourself. Each time you are paid we report this to HMRC, if you pick the wrong pay schedule it could cause your tax-free allowance to be incorecctly calculated and this can affect your net take-home pay. If you are unsure customer service is always on hand to discuss and help you.

Our margins are retained per invoice so, until your invoice is paid we do not retain any margin. This allows you the freedom to use our service only when you need to without any additional cost.

Yes, you can change your payment schedule based on how often your client will be paying you. Please be aware that moving between pay schedules can only be actioned at the end of the tax week or the month of your current pay schedule. For example… Tax weeks end each Tuesday and tax months end on the 5th of the following month.
If you are unsure please get in touch.

Applying for a loan or finance?

As a contractor through Cool Company you can now digitally verify your income and employment data when you are applying for a loan or finance. No more rushing around hunting for payslips, employment contacts, or other documentation to support your application.

How does it work? 
It couldn’t be easier. 

1. Fill in your finance application, online, with your chosen provider and when asked for evidence of earnings, select to verify online with Work Report. 

2. Enter your employment and income details and verify your information and your data is verified in real time during the application process. 

3. Sit back and wait for the decision from your provider.

Data is shared under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and Experian is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority 

Experience contracting freedom

We are proud of 100,000+ successful freelancers, contractors and agencies that have given us their trust. Join Cool Company and experience contracting freedom!

Karen, 27 February 2024

The best umbrella company ever used

I have tried to avoid using an umberella company in the past (after having a few bad experiences), but Cool Company have surprised me. All of the staff there are super helpful and efficient and have dealt with my queries promptly. I rarely leave reviews but this company have restored my faith in umbrella.

Anita, 14 February 2024

The best umbrella company experienced to date

Cutting a long story, experience, short; I moved umbrella companies to Cool Company, the best decision made.

Communication/s, prompt payment of wages namely same week payments and reliability have all been my experience. I have known Cool Company for over a year now and I have had no issues at all. Cool company are professional but personable too.

In this current climate it is so difficult to find let alone secure a new home, but, again as is the way of Cool Company being prompt, professional and personable, Cool Company gave me a reference and today we had great news that we will be moving into our new home shortly. Huge thanks!

Marina, 17 January 2024

Easy and a good company to work with!

Customer, 5 January 2024

Such a great service.

Such a great service! So easy to use and really makes the entire process a breeze! Thanks!

Annie, 30 May 2023

Using Cool Company made it possible to do internship with a company outside Sweden.

The procedure is clearly mentioned in the website and the customer service line was really helpful, they answered all my queries with clarity. I really liked using Cool Company and would recommend it for freelancers.

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For a low margin, Cool Company takes care of your taxes, insurance and employment protection. Cool Company gives you freedom from administration hassles so you can focus on your assignments, build your career, and reach higher levels of success.