FAQs about assignments

Find out everything you need to know about recording assignments using our handy guide below

An assignment is the contract work you have chosen to undertake for your client or agency. Read more about how it works here. 

We need these details to ensure we invoice for your payment correctly.

We ask for the key information:
·        Client or Agency Name
·        Point of Contact
·        Contact information
·        Job Title
·        Pay Rate
·        Pay Type

Once the assignment is created, you can record your time by completing a timesheet. We will use this data to create the invoice for your client or agency and request your payment.

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It’s rare, but if a client doesn’t approve the assignment we will inform you and contact the client to understand why.

The system allows you to participate in serval assignments as one time. This is one of the benefits of working via an umbrella company.

Our system is so intuitive it only takes a few clicks to record your time.

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Do you still havequestions or want to know more? We have collected all our questions and answers that you can navigate between. Check out our FAQ page.