Safest solution to working as a contractor 

Using a payroll company for your contract assignments is the safest way to avoid high tax bills and large amounts of paperwork. With protection for the UK Employment Rights Act, there is no safer way to work as a contractor.

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What it means to work as a contractor

Working as a contractor can be regarded as the third form of employment and lies between self-employment and employment. As a contractor, you are employed by Cool Company, but control when and who you work for. Sometimes assignments might be through recruitment agencies, others directly with the client – you choose.

Cool Company will handle all your accounting, including taxes and contributions. We ensure that they are paid on time so that you can focus your time on your assignments and customers.

Cool Company’s services are perfect for a contractor who wants to get started quickly without registering their own business.

Reasons to join Cool Company as a contractor

Enjoy a new flexibility

While working as a contractor provides you flexibility, it also comes with many responsibilities. With Cool Company you enjoy all the comforts of an employee, while still choosing where and when you work.

Minimise your risks

Starting in contracting comes with risks and commitments. Our platform allows you to enjoy your new freedom without having to worry about compliance or taxes.

Get started in a heartbeat

It is super quick to start invoicing through Cool Company. Just set up an account and begin right away. Easy, safe and convenient.

Contracting – who is it for?

Work life as a contractor

You have probably figured this out already – but there is no typical day-at-the-office when you work as a contractor. Full time, part time, whatever-you-want-time is the deal and you set the boundaries for what you want your schedule to look like. By letting Cool Company take care of your financial admin, you will have more time for your work, and can maintain a better work/life balance.

Is flexible working for me?

Only you know what matters to you in terms of how you want to work. We have umbrella contractors working within many sectors ranging from engineering, construction to IT and project management. If you wish for a more flexible life, where you can focus fully on what you are good at, this could be what you have been searching for.

How does working as a contractor differ from being employed?

As a contractor you work with your own clients – but when you invoice, you are considered one of Cool Company employees. This means that we are responsible for ensuring that taxes and fees are paid as they should, taking the stress and admin away from you.

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Want even more information?

In our FAQ section you can learn everything about our services, being a contractor and running a business.