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Joining Cool Company couldn’t be simpler. Here are five steps to get you off to a flying start – from opening a free account to getting your first paycheck.

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Get started

1. Create an account 

If you’re new to Cool Company, click on “Create Account” and enter your e-mail address (this will be your username) and a password. You’ll then see your personalised dashboard

2. Complete your profile

Complete your profile and get verified. Go to your settings (on the right) enter the required information so we can pay you!

Complete profile
Create your assignments

3. Create your assignment

Select ‘Create Assignment. Work your way from the top down, let us know who you’re working for and how much they’re paying you. Finally, add a simple timesheet.

4. Money on it’s way

We handle the entire invoice process and make sure that the administration is in order. If anything is unclear we will get in touch with you. You can receive your salary once your client has made the payment.

Our margin, £22.50 per weekly payment or £80.00 per monthly payment, is deducted before tax once your agency or client has paid our invoice. Please remember that through faster payment your funds will be with you within 24 hours. .


Money is on it's way
Your dashboard

5. Your assignments, timesheets and salary

On your Dashboard you have an overview. Under ‘Assignments’ you can see your activities, assignments and add new assignments with key numbers and monthly combinations. With ‘Timesheets’ you can manage your time reporting.

Our friendly team are available to answer questions via online chat, email or telephone should you have any queries.

Create your account today

Get rid of the boring aspects of being a contractor and create an account today. It’s completely free of charge and we will help you with all administration, book keeping and payment of taxes.