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1. Create an account - become a user

Click the Log in-icon at the top right corner and fill out your e-mail address and password. If you're new to Cool Company choose Create account instead and fill out your e-mail address (this will be your user name) and a password. You'll land on your personal page and see a dashboard of what's up in the service.

Create account

2. Modify your settings

Fill out your contact details straight away. You need them to send out your first invoice. Press setting to the right to find where to fill it out. Don't forget to fill out your details to get paid!

3. Your first invoice

Select Create Invoice in order to create your first invoice. Work your way from the top down and fill in who should be invoiced (Customer), how the invoice is to be handled (Invoice Settings) and what should be invoiced (Invoice Rows). Finally add a simple time sheet.

Agree to the terms and conditions and click Send and Cool Company will take care of the rest.

You can also send invoices for assignments in which you have had co-workers thanks to our Team Handling feature.

4. Money on its way

We handle the entire invoice process and make sure that the administration is in order. If anything is unclear we will get in touch with you.

You can receive your salary once your client has made the payment. If you choose the corresponding setting, your salary will be paid out automatically. Otherwise you can choose manual payment and decide for yourself when and how much you can receive in salary.

Please remember that it takes 2-4 banking days before the money becomes visible on your bank account.

5. Your invoices, money and salary

On your Dashboard you have an overview. Under My Company you can see your activities, assignments and invoices with key numbers and monthly combinations. With My Money you can manage your money, how much you wish to take out in salary or save. There, you can also print out your salary statements.