Recruitment Agencies

Cool Company offers comprehensive solutions for managing your flexible contracted workforce

 Cool Company understands that recruitment agencies should focus on serving their end-clients with a talented, flexible pool of qualified contractors. Release your agency from the administrative, tax, and insurance burdens associated with contracted work through our intuitive, easy-to-use digital solution.

This is how it works 

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Fast Onboarding

Onboard contractors quickly. Create assignments within minutes that take care of all compliance, tax and administration details.

Less paperwork

Track assignments Effortlessly

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and internal file organization. Use our business dashboard to create projects, assignments and track your budgets on an intuitive easy-to-use interface.

Get payed

Pay one consolidated invoice

Receive just one invoice with all your contractor’s invoices included that you can pay with a single payment.

A sneak peek into our dashboard to help manage your workforce 

Track your projects, contractors and budget on our intuitive digital interface that lets you manage your teams, create assignments, and approve time reports. Your customized dashboard has all the tools you need to handle all of your external resources. Have your own systems in place? No worries – we can seamlessly integrate our services into your current process that will save time and resources.

Manage your workforce

Team management

Invite your freelancers and create virtual teams for a simple overview

Create assignments

Post and delegate assignments to your team, manage schedules and get a quick overview

Approve time reports

Review completed projects and time spent, approve and pay wages with one click.

Compliance and Onboarding Made Easy

Concerned about compliance issues? Our compliance team can release those burdens and put process systems in place that ensure you never have to worry about tax compliance, IR35 or The Criminal Finances Act.

Cool Company’s dedicated client delivery managers make onboarding, administration and payments simple, comprehensive and worry-free.

All you need to do is pay one single invoice.

Free Yourself From Payroll Administration

Focus on finding talent and serving your clients.
Cool Company lets you send work orders with assignments, proposed working hours and salary details to your contractors through our easy-to-use digital interface.

We deduct all taxes and associated insurance and employment protection expenses.

All you have to do is pay one consolidated invoice to cover everything.

Any more questions?

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