Hassle-free contractor payroll

Regardless of the number of flexible workers or contractors you work with, managing payroll has never been easier.

Paying contractors, made easy 

Working with contractors offers a great deal of flexibility for your company, but also creates additional administration for accounts and payroll teams on top of your day to day operations. Issuing contracts and processing multiple invoices from multiple contractors can be a strain on internal resources, and one incorrect invoice can result in hours of additional work. 

New methods of workforce engagement require new tools to help an already strained financial department. But Cool Company can make it better: 

  • Automatically send assignments through excel imports or API integration.
  • One consolidated invoicing
  • PAYE tax, National insurance and HMRC submission managed by Cool Company
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage for the contractors you engage
  • Fully employed solution meaning outside the scope of IR35
  • Minimise your paperwork with just one monthly invoice.
Paperwork clouds

Let us do the hard work for you

Well-designed technology can solve many of today’s business bottlenecks and contractor payroll is no different. 

Cool Company Contractor Payroll solution provides your business with a direct API connection allowing you to push through the data from your system into ours. Our API allows you to send contractors to onboard, project information, timesheet data in a few simple steps. From there, you will receive one consolidated invoice for all your contracted workforce. 

Cool Company’s system integrates with your own, saving you time by removing the risk of any bottlenecks when it comes to managing your payroll.

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Kris Simpson
Country Manager UK