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Hassle-free payroll

Regardless of the number of freelancers or independant contractors you work with, payrolling has never been easier. 

Simplify your contractor payroll

Working with independent freelancers and contractors offers a great deal of flexibility for your company, but also results in new work streams on top of your day to day operations. Sending out assignments and handling invoices is a hassle - one faulty invoice can result in hours of work. New methods of employment requires new tools to help an already strained financial department.
Here's where we make it all better:

  • Send assignments through job imports or API integration.
  • One consolidated invoice.
  • Full tax compliance through our PAYE

Minimise your admin and HR, when using external workers, into just one monthly invoice.

Payroll as it should be

Not only do we cover compliance and insurance for your independent freelancers and consultants, we also provide you with the tools to minimise the admin needed to work with them. Through our API you send pre defined work orders to the freelancers, including the assignment, proposed hours and salary. On pay day, you receive one consolidated invoice from us, with all your freelancer and contractor costs.

We would love to tell you more

We'd love to talk with you about your needs, and how our team can help your company with payroll and compliance. Fill in the form, and we'll get back to you.

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