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Self employed contractors

Cool Company takes care of taxes, insurance, employment protection and holiday pay so you can focus on your assignments.

Choose Freedom.

Most entrepreneurs choose freedom…not the hassles of administration or running your own limited company.

Cool Company is the solution.

Without Cool Company

Self Employed

With Cool Company

Self Employed
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A built-in safety net 

Cool Company gives you the safety of being an employee while giving you the power of being self-employed.

Our intuitive, clean and easy-to-use platform lets you invoice your clients and get paid quickly via our PAYE solution. Read more about what  PAYE is and use our PAYE Calculator.

Your work is covered by our insurance policy while giving you access to employment benefits.

How it works:

Cool Company takes on the complicated bits so you don’t have to! You complete your work for your client as normal, your client pays your invoice to us, we pay your taxes to HMRC and pay you a salary – it’s a simple process for you, every time.

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Psst.. Are you a contractor that is finding it hard to achieve a work-life balance or struggles with the conflicts that can arise when you’re working online? Read our tips about work-life integration and our tips on dealing with virtual workplace conflict!



Get started

Get started with our quick and easy 5-step process. After verification, all you have to do is submit a timesheet and wait for your client to pay us. It’s an all-in-one solution that’s trusted by over 70,000 contractors and agencies. Cool Company gives you the freedom to focus on your assignments and win back valuable time for what matters most.