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Who's it for?

Cool Company empowers those who work freelance in the UK. We take care of all administration so they can focus on assignments. With us recruitment agencies will take managing their freelance workforce to a new level. We offer faster onboarding, better tracking, and easier invoicing.

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Going freelance in the UK?

If you want to follow your passion and work freelance in the UK, Cool Company will be at your side all the way through. We take care of the administrative hassles including taxes, employment protection, insurance… even access to pensions!

We know it can be difficult working freelance in the UK. Therefore, Cool Company offers a complete payroll service. All you need to do is submit a timesheet. We invoice your client, and you will get paid when we receive the funds.

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Do you recruit freelancers?

If you are a recruitment agency who hires freelancers, Cool Company is the right partner. We offer you a powerful, straightforward way to manage your flexible workforce.

We understand that compliance and payroll can be complicated when it comes to freelance workers. Our solutions help agencies take care of all administrative issues with their freelancers so they can focus on serving their end-clients.

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