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Key facts document

1.    About Cool Company Freelance UK Ltd                          

Contact Number

0207 157 9776

Opening Hours

9 am – 5 pm


Head Office

Unity House, Westwood Park, Wigan, WN3 4HE

2. About this document

•       We are providing our Key Facts document upon sign up to ensure the compliance for every worker engaged via an intermediary

•       Firms who engage with contingent labour are required to provide clear and concise details on the engagement.

•       You can use this document in conjunction with other documentation provided to enable you to make an informed decision before commencing on an Assignment.

3. Your status

Employed – You are an Employee of COOL COMPANY FREELANCE UK LTD; this means that you have many rights and obligations as laid out in your terms of employment. Some of these rights include:

1.     You will be paid at least the National Minimum Wage.

2.     Receive a written statement that will clearly state the basic details and main terms and conditions of your employment.

3.     Receive an itemised payslip each time your salary is paid.

4.     You have the right to paid annual leave.

5.     Shared Parental leave, Maternity and Paternity Pay.

6.     Be a reasonable employee and behave as such in any situation.

7.     Carry out your duties with reasonable care and skill.

Please refer to your Employment Contract for more information or ask a member of our team.

8. What was agreed

Minimum Rate of Pay

‘Basic Rate’ These are the hours you work multiplied by the National Minimum wage.


This is the total amount COOL COMPANY FREELANCE UK LTD will charge the Agency, or Client, for the services you provide. This is the total amount COOL COMPANY FREELANCE UK LTDreceives and includes all the costs of employing you and our profit Margin. Standard COOL COMPANY margin is £22.50 per weekly payment or £80.00 per monthly payment

Payment Intervals

Depending on yourassignment you may be paid weekly or monthly.


9.    Deductions from Margin

Holiday Pay Entitlement

You are entitled to 28 days pro-rated, inclusive of bank and public holidays in the U.K. We include the cost in the Margin paid by the Agency/ Client.

Apprenticeship Levy

As a large employer, we are required to pay the U.K.’s, Apprenticeship Levy. This is 0.5% of the total amount we charge the agency, excluding our profit Margin. This isincluded in the cost in the invoice totalpaid by the Agency/ Client.

Business Overheads (Cost of Insurances)

We apply a levy of 1% to the amount we charge the Agency/Client, to cover the additional cost of insurances. We include the cost of this in the Margin paid by the Agency/ Client.

Employers National Insurance (NIERS)

As your employer, this is the amount we pay to HMRC Employers National Insurance. We include the invoice paid by the Agency/ Client.

Company Profit Margin (Maximum)

Is the total amount COOL COMPANY FREELANCE UK LTD earns while you are on your Assignment. This covers the running costs of the business and facilitating your Assignment. This is included in the invoice paid by the Agency/ Client.

10.  Deductions from your pay

PAYE (Tax)

Is the income tax paid to HMRC for you via Pay As You Earn(PAYE). This is closely linked to your Tax Code and associated Tax-Free Allowance.

National Insurance

National Insurance is a tax in the United Kingdom paid by workers and employers for funding state benefits.

11.  Insurances

Employers Liability

£10,000,000 any one occurrence (Zurich)

Public & Products Liability

£1,000,000 any one occurrence (Zurich)

Professional Indemnity

£1,000,000 any one occurrence (Zurich)

How to Make a Claim: If you need to make a claim against insurance, you must do this within 24 hours of you becoming aware of the issue or incident. Please email full details of your claim to our care team:

12.  Regulator Details: Employment Agency Inspectorate

Our industry will be regulated from 2020, below you will find contact details should you need to contact the regulator, you can find out more by contacting the Employment Agency Inspectorate at;



0207 215 5000




This is not a legally binding contract, offer of employment or statement of terms, it is simply designed to provide the reader with further information regarding the engagement chosen by you.