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Invoice without having your own company

You’ve got mad skills but no patience for paperwork? We get it.

  • Work with your own customers and assignments.
  • We manage all your administration. Insurance is included.
  • Get your salary within 24 hours – all taxes paid.

Invoicing without having your own company

How it works

Freelancing without a business

Freelancing without a business

Need to invoice but don’t have a business? No problem! Let your customer know you’ll be invoicing through us.

Freelancing without a business

Freelancing without a business

Set up a Cool Company account and follow our simple guide to creating and sending your invoice.

Get paid in 2 business days

Get paid in 2 business days

Set up a Cool Company account and follow our simple guide to creating and sending your invoice.

Invoicing made easy

Pre-register an assigment

Notify Cool Company before carrying out your assignment to ensure you are safe and insured.

Create invoice

Create and send your invoice after the assignment is completed, we handle the rest.

Reimburse your expenses

Add any expenses and upload receipts with a few clicks. 

Get paid!

When the invoice is paid, we deduct your taxes and you will receive your payment to your bank account.

Why 50,000+ freelancers choose us

Full coverage

Full coverage Safety Package

When you pre-register an assignment, we make sure that you have the insurance you need both for, from and during the work.

24h payment with ExpressPay

24 hr payment with ExpressPay

Apply for Express Pay and get the money in the account as soon as your customer has approved the assignment.

Look for new clients with TopSkills

Connect with new clients through Topskills

Through TopSkills, you will find exciting freelance and consulting assignments in Tech / IT, creative and business.

our humans in Customer Support

Micke, one of our humans in Customer Support

Our support is a wonderful group that is close at hand and can be reached by both email and phone.



Through Cool Company, you do not need to start your own company to be able to send an invoice.

Simply your life

Simplify your life

Declarations, VAT, taxes. We take care of that when you invoice as through us. You get your salary, estimated and ready.

What our users say

Best solution ever. I’m free to work the number of hours I want, I’m insured and they pay very fast. Support questions get answered quickly and to the point. Highly recommended.


24 sep. 2019

So far so good. Makes my life super easy. I haven’t used all of the features but the ones i have used work well. After submitting an incorrect invoice the customer support were fast and responsive to help me resolve the error. Been using for a year now, and yeah, so far so good 🙂

Holly A Thomas

19 sep. 2019

Invoice to salary

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