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Independent contracting

Independent contractor, freelancer, sole trader, running your own thing - whatever you call yourself and in what shape or form you choose to form your business - theres still one thing that is true for all. It is yours. Being your own boss might seem lika a jungle. We've sorted out what's what for you.

What it means to be an independent contractor

Independent contracting can be regarded as a third form of employment and lies between self-employment and employment. As an independent contractor, you are employed by Cool Company, but manage your jobs as if you had your own company. You find your own customers, determine your own fee, payment terms and how fast you want your money.
As an employee of Cool Company - we take care of employer responsibility. We handle accounting as well as handle taxes, fees and ensure that they are paid in time so that you can focus all your time on your assignments and customers.

Cool Company's services are perfect for freelancers that wants to get started quickly without starting their own business.

How to get started

Reasons to be an independent contractor

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No need to take drastic decisions

There's no need to quit that daytime job and go all in on that amazing, but scary, dream of yours. Have a taste of life as an entrepreneur by starting your own virtual business as an independent contractor at Cool Company.

Minimize the risks of being an entrepreneur

Starting a company has its charm, for sure, but it comes with risks and commitments. As an independent contractor you can have the liberty of being your own boss but minimize risk and paperwork.

Get started in a heartbeat

It's super quick to start invoicing through Cool Company. Just start an account and get started right away. Easy, safe and convenient.

Independent contractors & work life

You've probably figured this out already - but there's no typical day-at-the-office for freelancers. Full time, part time, whatever-you-want-time is the deal and you set the boundaries for what you want your schedule to look like.

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Does the flexible life suit me?

Only you know what matters to you in terms of your work situation. We have independent contractors working within many sectors ranging from DJs, stylists and photographers to IT-consultants, project managers and horse masseuses. Do you wish for a more independent life where you can focus fully on what you're good at, this could be what you've been searching for.

How does independent contracting differ from being employed?

As an independent contractor you work as a consultant with your own clients - but when you invoice you're considered one of Cool Company employees. This means that Cool Company is responsible for ensuring that taxes and fees are paid as they should.


Start today

Isn't it time to become a little bit more of a 'yes'-man and try that thing you've been thinking of forever? We'll help you with your administration - your job is to shine!

YES MAN! I want to do my own thing!

Want even more information?

In our FAQ section you can learn everything about our services, being an independent contractor and running a business.

Read our FAQ on being an independent contractor