Simple Nordic Contractor Onboarding for UK Businesses

Contractor onboarding in the UK oil and gas sector, especially for businesses working offshore, is essential when considering Nordic contractors. Working with more local communities means that you can find talent with the skills you need based near your operational hub. Freeing you from the difficulty of finding UK employees willing to work away from home for long periods, and all the associated transportation and compensation costs. You gain flexibility and simple scalability. And local communities are more likely to welcome your business, knowing that you are contributing to their economy. But there’s also no denying that it comes with a few red tape headaches of its own. 

So, how do you handle Nordic contractor onboarding in the UK without falling foul of taxation and compliance bureaucracy?

The Umbrella Company Solution to Working with Nordic Contractors

When you’re working in overseas territories, off-shore, near-shore, or simply using the talents of an overseas workforce, you face different obstacles. Compliance and taxation rules vary from territory to territory. And for many umbrella companies, obtaining the expertise to navigate local legislation is simply too costly.

What many of our British clients don’t realise, is that Cool Company began life in Sweden. So, we know the Nordic way of working, and can handle Nordic administration, just as well as we do for UK businesses and contractors.

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How can Cool Company help UK businesses working with Nordic contractors?

In short, we can do everything for you and your Nordic contractors that we can do when you’re outsourcing within the UK. 

This includes:

  • Providing local employed payroll – Onboarding all of your contractors and helping you to track and manage the hours that each person works, facilitating a streamlined payroll system for you and your contractors. 
  • Handling remote working expenses claims by the contractor – Expenses are never fun to deal with when you’re working with overseas contractors. We take care of everything. You have one simple monthly bill. 
  • Managing payment and currency exchange – If you run a British business, you will by default work in GBP. Your Nordic contractors probably won’t. We can manage both payment and currency exchange to everyone’s satisfaction. 
  • Supporting contractors with self-employment registration and taxation – As IR35 has shown, it is no longer acceptable for businesses to take on contractors and wash their hands of matters of taxation and compliance. We can work with your contractors to ensure that they are compliant with the local taxation legislation, so you can carry on with your business, without unnecessary concern.
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Contractors have always been the lifeblood of the oil and gas industry. But regulations are receiving more scrutiny. Taxation is more precise. And the administrative obligations placed upon businesses are greater than ever.  

By working with Cool Company, you gain access to a single administrative point for all of your Nordic contractor needs. Allowing you to focus on the contractor onboarding, and the business at hand. While we focus on your contract workforce.

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