Cool Company Has Achieved Professional Passport
Accreditation and Dramatic Annual Growth

We are very proud to announce that Cool Company has received Professional Passport accreditation. This not only provides us with industry recognition, but gives us added power to serve and protect our clients. Because every penny trusted to us is now guaranteed by a tried and tested external body.

What is Professional Passport?

Professional Passport is the largest independent assessor of payment intermediary compliance and the only insurance-backed industry accreditation provider. As one of Professional Passport’s approved umbrella companies, we guarantee that Cool Company will always be able to honour its promises.

Working to instil compliance in the umbrella industry and protect clients and contractors, Professional Passport audits companies that provide Umbrella Payroll, PEO, CIS, and Accountancy Services, to ensure compliance in all areas. Professional Passport accreditation means that Cool Company not only has industry trust, but has its customer’s best interests at heart. Something that has always been of paramount importance to all of us here at Cool Company HQ.

‘Professional passport is the industry gold standard. And it is known for all the work it does to support the industry, while working to make it fair and complaint,’ says Kris Simpson, Cool Company’s Head of B2C Business UK. ‘I am delighted that Cool Company has achieved Professional Passport accreditation. Because it is not only a significant recognition of the work we have been doing to ensure compliance and provide the best support for our clients. But it provides our clients with the reassurance they need to grow their respective businesses.’

But that’s not all that we have to celebrate!

Cool Company is growing

The news of Cool Company’s Professional Passport accreditation coincides with the release of our latest figures. Not least of which is an impressive 230% increased gross revenue between 2020 and 2021, for Cool Company in the UK. And the first two months of 2022 are continuing that trend. Thanks, in part, to the implementation of IR35.

In January and February 2022, Cool Company UK experienced a year-on-year gross revenue growth of 149%. As well as a 292% growth in users, and 395% growth in the invoices being cleared through the platform. If this trajectory continues, 2022 could be an exceptional year for us.

A young woman is seated at a desk surrounded by monitors displaying data, she is contemplating in this dark, moody office.

What does this mean for Cool Company clients?

Our goal as a company has always been to provide the best possible service and support to our clients, helping them to find a new way to maintain – and grow – their businesses. As Cool Company grows, we’ll be able to find new and better ways to do that. And that is a real honour.

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