How To Onboard In 3 Steps & 3 Minutes

Onboarding made easy

The great news for recruiters seeing in the New Year with their usual fast-paced way of working is that onboarding contractors can be as easy as going online, sending a link, and having a cup of tea – just 3 simple steps that take up approximately 3 minutes of your time. 

It really is that easy, thanks to Cool Company’s digital solution! 

Gone are the days of onboarding being time consuming and fiddly, and here are the days of fast and worry-free onboarding.

Keeping Recruiters In Mind

We fully appreciate that recruitment is an industry that runs and keeps on running. It has no time for delays or slowdowns – and neither do recruiters. 

The onboarding system at Cool Company is the fastest on the market and also the most comprehensive. The worker signs up in minutes, any time that suits them 24/7, and is then ready to go. Better still, there is zero need for recruiters to even think about the compliance, administration or insurance side of the worker’s employment, as Cool Company takes care of all this too.

Onboarding In 3 Steps & 3 Minutes

Cool Company’s digital solution makes contractor onboarding as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

  1. The worker creates a record and accepts employment terms
  2. The worker uploads ID documents
  3. The worker enters assignment and agency/client details 

Voila! The worker is insured and ready to go.

Contactors being able to onboard this way takes minutes, saving recruiters time and administration headaches. You can simply focus on meeting your end clients’ needs with talented, flexible and highly qualified contractors. 

There are no time restrictions for workers either, and onboarding can be completed day or night 24/7 via our digital system.

Furthermore, not only do we take care of the administration and compliance side of contracted work to free up your time and remove any paperwork worries, but we also provide extra benefits such as assignment tracking, same-day payment, and consolidated invoicing.

Cool Company’s onboarding system takes care of every aspect of contracted work, enabling recruiters to continue running at optimum speed.

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