How to Avoid Christmas Burnout

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… yes, but as exciting as the festive season is, it comes with additional challenges for contractors and recruiters who are trying to juggle the demands of work and taking time off in an industry that never sleeps. 

The ultimate goal this Christmas is to avoid burnout – the feeling of paralysis caused by physical and emotional exhaustion; when work coupled with the pressures of this time of year can leave you feeling worn out and unable to function well. As hard as it may sound, it is vital to find a way this Christmas to switch off to reduce your risk of experiencing burnout.

Avoid Christmas Burnout

There are steps you can take either side of your Christmas holiday to help ensure you take care of your health and well-being during the festive period. By putting some measures in place, you will be able to both enjoy your holiday and return to work full of beans and ready to tackle whatever work throws your way.

Tips For Before The Holiday

  • Take Care – of yourself. Be mindful of your mental health and allow yourself time to switch off during the day. Take a break away from your desk, go for a walk to re-energise yourself, and take a proper lunch break rather than grabbing a quick bite and eating while you work. 
  • Plan – ahead and be realistic. Create a ToDo list of the tasks you need to achieve before your holiday. Be strict with yourself and make sure the goals you set are achievable. Limit your working day to prevent you from working until the early hours by mistake and celebrate the small wins to spur you on and keep you motivated. Plan your return to work so it is smooth – decide which tasks to prioritise and block out time for these for day one so you can hit the ground running. 
  • Outsource – get help in the right way to make a big difference to your stress levels.

    By partnering up with Cool Company you will give yourself some much-needed time and head space. We handle onboarding 24/7 for recruiters taking on new contractors and provide solutions for all the administration, tax and insurance linked to contracted work. For contractors, our digital system makes it so easy and effortless to be correctly set up with a client and get paid the right way.

Tips For During The Holiday

  • Tech Break – resist the technology! As tempting as it is, don’t check your work emails on your phone or open your laptop to check-in on a client when you’re off – try to stay away or you won’t feel the benefits of your holiday. 
contractor working from home with kids
contractor working from home with kids
  • Nice Balance – have fun, be sociable and spend quality time with family and friends but save time for chilling out so you feel rested upon your return. 
  • New Goals – for the New Year. The holiday season is the perfect time to reflect on the last year and decide what you want to change and achieve next year. As a recruiter, you might want to sign new candidates, or find new business if you’re a contractor – or for both, you might want to expand overseas. Whatever it may be, use the time off to decide what you want to achieve in the New Year.
  • Be Merry – don’t forget to enjoy yourself… and the mince pies!

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