Tips on Getting Organised as a Manager of a Flexible Contract Workforce

Managing contractors requires a different approach and set of tools than permanent working, but the benefits of having a highly diverse team with top-quality skillsets is manifold. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best tips for staying on top of a flexible workforce.

The Best Way to Keep Track of Assignments

Organisation is the most important tool in your belt for managing a flexible workforce. A flexible workforce might be filled with brilliant and creative new talent, but if their work schedules and administration aren’t kept on top of then you can begin to run into problems. 

One of your key priorities should be keeping track of assignments. Considering every aspect of contract assignment work – the creation of projects, establishing deadlines, tracking budgets, and ensuring correct and quick payment for your team – can be tricky enough, and may have you scrambling through spreadsheet after spreadsheet. 

Software is cost-effective and can help keep track of your assignments in one place, with functionalities to ensure that every aspect of the assignment – from start to finish – is tracked and logged. This small change will ease the managerial workload of working with a flexible team by helping to simplify the necessary processes so that your contractors have quick and easy access to their workloads and all the information surrounding it.

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How Should I Stay in Touch with My Workforce?

Consistent communication is vital for successfully managing contractors and flexible workers. Not only do you want to be able to get in touch with your workforce as needed, but you also want the workforce to feel confident in their ability to reach you if they need to. 

Establish what methods of communication you will be using with your team early on, whether this be through an independent interface such as Cool Company, or whether more traditional methods such as email or phone call will work best. 

Set up regular check-ins, even if they’re only brief, to reinforce that you’re available for your team and keeping on top of their progress.

Keeping On Top of Payroll Solutions

Managing payroll is no easy feat for any organisation and working with contractors or flexible workers will come with its own challenges when it comes to payroll. 

You must build trust with your contractors and provide proof from the offset that you have the capabilities to pay them correctly, efficiently and in accordance with necessary legislation. 

Umbrella companies, such as Cool Company, can help relieve some of the pressure of navigating payroll by removing employment liabilities and ensuring that scalable services are provided for their clients, handling all the payroll administration so that their clients can focus on what matters most.

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