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Recruiter Wish List

While every business is different, every recruitment agency has a core set of pain points that they identify with, issues that take time and can potentially cause multiple headaches. Wouldn’t it be nice if a simple solution was available? 

Cool Company may be able to help.

Five Common Recruitment Agency Pain Points and Cool Company’s Solution

Tax and salary management 

This has a huge impact on a recruitment business. In terms of finance, reputation, and compliance. Get it wrong, and you’ll face problems from a range of different areas. Professional Passport accredited and compliant, Cool Company takes responsibility for all contract worker payments and deductions, removing the burden from the recruitment agency by providing full communication and support and even managing the country-specific tax requirements of overseas contractors.

Contractor communication and customer support

Recruitment agencies deal with such vast numbers of contractors and businesses, staying on top of communication and customer support can be incredibly time-consuming. 

Cool Company has a dedicated department devoted to dealing with contractor and customer communication, no question, query, or demand is ever missed.


Whether it’s the changing rules around IR35 or anti-discrimination legislation, recruiters know that contractors and clients have a lot of compliance issues to handle but they don’t always have the necessary resources to help. 

Cool Company can manage all contractor compliance issues ensuring that recruiters and their clients don’t have to worry about falling foul of any legislation or rule changes. All liability lies with Cool Company. 

Uplift rate calculations

When you’re trying to win new consultants from the competition or negotiating rates, it can be difficult to calculate the relevant rate uplift.

Contractor onboarding and management

Contractor onboarding is no longer a simple matter of making introductions. References have to be checked, holiday pay agreed upon and holiday time managed, and key information documents secured and authenticated. 

With a 24-hour digital service, Cool Company enables contractors to register and onboard in a matter of minutes, from anywhere in the world. We also provide tools for document management, calculating holiday pay, and other key processes. And with a single point of contact for both the agency and the contractor, there is never any risk of miscommunication.

Reputational damage

A recruiter’s reputation is everything. Once damaged, it can significantly impact business. 

By working with Cool Company, you can ensure that no communication is missed, all legalities are adhered to, and with technology-driven payroll, contractors will always receive same-day or overnight payment. Making sure that the contractors and businesses you work with never have cause for complaint. 

The Cool Company umbrella solution reduces the workload for recruiters. It removes the need for an agency to take on an entire payroll team, and the requirement to report payroll to HMRC. With a flexible, bespoke service, we can give you back the time you need to focus on pursuing new candidates, growing your business, and building the reputation you deserve. 

So, what do you think? Will Cool Company be at the top of your agency’s Christmas wish list?

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