Simple payroll for overseas contractors

Is your UK company hiring a foreign contractor living in the Nordics? Cool Company’s payroll solution makes it easy for you to access and manage the overseas contractors you need for your business to thrive.

EOR for contractors overseas

Working with overseas contractors can be massively beneficial for your business. Especially for UK industries, such as oil and gas, with a local or near-shore base. It allows you to access the talent you need, flexibly and cost-effectively.

But there’s no denying that using international talent comes with the burden of additional red tape for your accounts and administrative teams. Because although your workers won’t need visas, as long as they don’t travel to work in the UK, there are still issues of taxation and compliance. Not to mention the more basic concerns of currency and money transfer when it comes to payment. Cool Company can help to carry that burden, let be your EOR-partner.

How to pay international contractors

We know that paying overseas contractors comes with many administrative challenges – which is why our services to you include:

  • Providing local employed payroll
  • Handling remote working expenses claims by the contractor
  • Managing payment and currency exchange, so you can pay us in GBP, and we’ll pay your contractor in the currency of their choice
  • Supporting contractors with self-employment registration and taxation

Cool Company’s payroll solution for international contractors easily integrates into your tech system. Enjoy seamless contractor onboarding, project management, timesheet management, and payroll management from a single administrative point!

Does IR35 apply to foreign contractors?

If you are a UK company hiring a foreign contractor, IR35 may not apply. However, we suggest proper due diligence and therefore you should still assess the IR35 status of the role.

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Contractor management, the easy way

Cool Company now works in multiple territories and the UK is our most vibrant marketplace. But we started life in Sweden. Knowledge of the Nordics is part of our DNA. So, as well as providing the technology you need to bypass the common roadblocks associated with working with overseas contractors, we know the region, the people, and the legal system, and can help you navigate all three.

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