How Recruiters Can Onboard New Talent Seamlessly

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Onboard contractors seamlessly

Contractor onboarding is a fundamental aspect of any recruiter’s job. Not only do contractors need to be up to speed on the culture of the business, the current team in place, their responsibility but there are now hurdles like IR35 and compliance to deal with before they can begin their new contract.

Recruiters already know the importance of the onboarding stage – withdrawing at this point can leave both the employee and the employer unsure of whether the right decision was made in the hiring process.

The challenges facing a recruiter can be complex. They need to build trust between themselves and their clients, they need to manage payment processes which, in turn, can lead to needing to accept potential liabilities to both the client and the contractor. 

With a small number of clients, these processes are manageable, but as a recruiter begins to scale, they may find that keeping up with it all is not something that can be achieved internally.

This is the point in which Cool Company can help recruiters onboard their new talent seamlessly. An umbrella company can provide scalable services that remove the liability of employment, the payroll management responsibilities, and the contractor insurance. 

We also ensure that the scalability of these solutions is adaptable to the recruiter’s requirements.

This means that the contractor’s employment rights are protected with a flexible solution that can be used as it’s needed, with next to no financial administration involved for either party.  We ensure that all work operates inside IR35 and is compliant with all applicable legislation.

Cool Company is also able to provide support for recruiters beyond the onboarding process. After quickly and seamlessly onboarding your contractor, Cool Company offers functionalities allowing project tracking through an easy-to-use interface. 

This extra administrative support and overview means you can keep track of projects, whilst knowing that Cool Company has process systems in place for tax compliance, associated insurances, and employment protection expenses. 

When it comes to new placements, our fast and seamless onboarding process ensures that recruiters can place contractors on a Friday and have them ready to work on Monday, keeping all sides happy as the client and recruiter have the security of a compliant contractor, and minimum admin (no lengthy calls or sign up requirements) for the contractor.

Cool Company also realises that for a lot of recruiters it was essential to create their own systems and processes. We can integrate our services into your own processes to save on time and resources.

Seamless onboarding through Cool Company

By using an umbrella company like Cool Company to take care of consolidating the tricky and time-consuming aspects of onboarding, compliance, and project management into streamlined processes, you can spend more time focusing on harnessing the talent you’ve hired and scaling yourself accordingly.