Your health insurance

As a Self-Employed person through Cool Company, you are covered by a collective agreement through the Swedish Säljarnas Fackförbund union when you have ongoing assignments. The collective agreement includes health insurance, which you can read more about here.

En enskild näringsidkare dricker en kopp kaffe innan arbetsdagen börjar

You are covered by basic health insurance, which functions as a supplement to the compensation from the Swedish Försäkringskassan in case of long-term illness. The insurance also includes the possibility of rehabilitation and telephone support completely free of charge. 

Should you fall ill and be on sick leave at a minimum level of 25 percent, health insurance can provide you with financial compensation. After a waiting period of 90 days, your sickness benefit is paid out every month in relation to the percentage of sick leave you have taken. Sickness benefit is paid until you get well again, up to your agreed retirement age at most.

The health insurance is collectively agreed and requires:

  • A health examination to be passed
  • Meeting the qualification requirements of a gross salary of at least SEK 10,000/month during a quarter
  • registered with the Swedish Personal Address Register (SPAR)
  • Meets the insurance company’s applicable registration requirements

The examination takes place quarterly and the health insurance is based on a gross salary of up to SEK 15,000/month. Premium exemption insurance included.

If you are interested in extending the health insurance yourself so that it is based on a higher salary, you can contact our partner:

More information about your health insurance

Financial security

The health insurance provides financial compensation to the employee if they are on sick leave for at least 25 percent. After a waiting period of three months, compensation is paid out every month, in relation to what percentage of the time the employee is on sick leave. Euro Accident offers different compensation levels, up to 90 percent of the salary after the 90th sick day.

Phone support

Phone support gives employees advice from a psychologist, financial adviser, lawyer, ergonomist, health coach or HR consultant. This applies regardless of whether the question is of a private or work-related nature. For example, it can be about stress, ergonomics in the home office, anxiety, legal problems, alcohol, drug or gambling addiction, conflicts in the workplace or something else entirely. For managers and supervisors, support is also available for the professional role. Phone support is open around the clock and confidentiality applies to employers and clients.


If you are at risk of being on long-term sick leave or have recently been on sick leave with a medical certificate, your employer will submit a notification to Euro Accident to activate rehabilitation. After notification, a professional health and rehabilitation process manager at Euro Accident will take over the process and work with the employee and the manager. The health and rehabilitation process manager maps the requirements for measures to be taken, develops an individual action plan for the employee, coordinates and follows up. The rehabilitation process ends with a written summary and recommendations.

Other insurances

You, as a Self-Employed person and contractor through Cool Company, are also covered by liability insurance, personal accident and group life insurance.