Freelancing without a company

Let’s delve into some specific details about freelancing and invoicing without a company. What does it entail, and what do I need to know before getting started?

Typically, invoices are sent from businesses to other businesses or individuals. However, Cool Company makes it possible to easily send invoices as an individual. You can send invoices to both businesses and individuals without the need to start your own company. This is possible because you operate under Cool Company.

What is an invoice?

You’ve probably come across invoices many times in your life. But do you know what function it really serves, and how invoicing work for individuals? Let’s unravel the world of invoices and invoicing!

Simply put, an invoice is a payment demand sent from the one invoicing (the freelancer/company) to the one being invoiced (the customer).

Primarily, invoices are sent from businesses to other businesses or individuals. However, through Cool Company, you can easily send invoices as an individual, both to businesses and other individuals. The invoice also serves a crucial role in a company’s accounting, as it acts as verification for a business transaction. Every business transaction must be accounted for, and more often than not, an invoice forms the basis for this.

When you send your invoice through Cool Company, we deduct taxes and fees and handle all administration. To get a clear picture of how much of the total amount on the invoice you will receive as a salary, you can use our calculator.

How invoices work

Everything you do in your business is summarized in an invoice: the task you’ve completed, how much you want to be paid, and who you’ve done the job for. It serves as the documentation for what you’ve accomplished – both for you and your customer.

Your business cannot function without invoices, as they form the basis for what you ultimately take home as your net salary. Invoices are equally important for your customer, as they need them to account for the costs associated with the work they’ve commissioned from you.

Quick clear all cache

As an individual, you can invoice without having a company through Cool Company. This means you utilize Cool Company’s corporate-tax certificate, VAT, and organization number. This is the essence of being self-employed. It allows you to avoid administration and complicated paperwork. You can think and operate your business just as if you had your own company – but with minimal risk and hassle. Sending an invoice and charge as a freelancer is easy!

Create and send an invoice as an individual

You might be wondering if it’s complicated to create and write an invoice as an individual, but it’s actually quite straightforward. Invoicing and sending an invoice as an individual to both businesses and other individuals is easy. With Cool Company, as an individual, you only need to provide three simple pieces of information to make your invoice complete:

  1. Details about your customer
  2. The services and tasks you offer
  3. The amount of time you’ve spent and how much you should be paid

Self-employed or business owner? An easy choice, if you ask us

Self-employed through Cool Company:

• Invoice without having a company for service assignments

• Avoid administration such as VAT, tax, and accounting

• Skip the requirement for share capital (25,000 SEK)

• Covered by collective agreements

With Cool Company, you also get:

• Possibility of compensation from your unemployment insurance fund (A-kassa)

• Fast salary payout with Express Pay

• Comprehensive insurance coverage

• Access to benefits and discounts

• Personal and free support

Start your own business:

• Invoice through a company for service assignments

• Invoice for product sales

• Requirement of 25,000 SEK in share capital to start a limited company

Both as a self-employed individual through Cool Company or if you start your own business, you get:

• Ability to allocate to occupational pension

• Ability to deduct for domestic services and home maintenance work (RUT and ROT)

• Ability to deduct for expenses

• Ability to deduct for mileage and subsistence allowance

• Ability to deduct for wellness activities”

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