Our technical solutions & tools

We continuously work on developing and delivering the best possible product to our users. In addition to offering what we believe are the best insurances on the market, we have also worked hard to update our appearance and features when using the service.


Swish is offered as an option on the invoice. You can choose to add a QR code for Swish to the invoices you create. This way, your customers can easily scan the code on the invoice and pay via the Swish app. It is only possible to add Swish for customers who are private individuals in Sweden when the invoice is in SEK.

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ExpressPay means that we pay out your salary within 24 hours after your customer has confirmed that the assignment is completed. ExpressPay is an additional service to the regular invoicing/administration service. You can easily apply for ExpressPay when creating an invoice on the platform.

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Multiple currencies

When you send your invoices, it is possible for your customer to pay in several different currencies, specifically 12 different ones. You choose the currency you want when creating your invoice.

• SEK (Swedish krona)

• AUD (Australian dollar)

• CAD (Canadian dollar)

• CHF (Swiss franc)

• DKK (Danish krone)

• EUR (Euro)

• GBP (Pound Sterling)

• JPY (Japanese yen)

• NOK (Norwegian krone)

• NZD (New Zealand dollar)

• PLY (Polish zloty)

• USD (United States Dollar)

Invoice via post or email

For some, it’s easiest to receive the invoice digitally via email, while it suits other customers better to receive a physical invoice. Usually, email is preset as the option, but you can easily choose to send it as physical mail.

You can also add a personal touch to your invoices by uploading your own logo and using it instead of ours. This is offered as an option when creating an invoice.

Two-factor authentication

We at Cool Company constantly work to protect your data. One way to enhance security is through two-factor authentication when logging in, in addition to mobile BankID.

Deductions, expenses & mileage reimbursement

You can add expenses, mileage reimbursement, and per diems in our platform. For example, if you want to add wellness compensation, you can upload your receipts and add it as a deduction.

Team invoice

You can invoice for a team assignment together with others who also invoice without a company with Cool Company. Add your team members when creating an invoice and share the joy together!

Customize to your needs

There are a variety of settings that you can customize to your own needs. Choose your tax rate, the payout frequency you prefer, and whether you want to save a little or increase your occupational pension.

Easy to keep track of your invoices

When you are logged in with us at Cool Company, you can follow your invoices step by step. Go to your invoices and keep track of the status, when they are sent, and when they are ready and paid. You can also see your payments, your total salary, and your payslips. All in one place!

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We help you on the way to freelancing! At Cool Company, we want our freelancers and consultants to have an easy path from invoice to salary. We are here to help if you have any questions along the way or if you need assistance.