We pay the salary to your employees
– simple and safe 

Do you work with consultants who don’t have their own company? We can help you with payroll and insurance thanks to independent contracting. That ensures the security of your consultants and guarantees hassle-free salary payment.

  • We ensure that consultants are looked after and insured 
  • We make payroll payments to your consultants 
  • We assume employer liability for your consultants 

Employing consultants without their own company

When you employ staff who don’t have their own company and can invoice for their time and services, Cool Company is there for you. When a consultant becomes an independent contractor with us, we help with both payroll and insurance. That ensures the security of your consultants and guarantees hassle-free salary payment through us. 

With more than 10 years of experience in the sector, we also know that companies demands vary, and we’re good at tailoring our solutions to the needs of companies and consultants. 

How it works for consultants 

Your consultants who don’t have their own company can simply and securely become one of our independent contractors at Cool Company. That means that they are covered by insurance throughout their assignments, get paid on time, and get to enjoy offers and discounts. 

We also have a fantastic support team that is available by telephone, e-mail and chat if your consultants have any questions or queries.

How it works for the company

Whether you work with just a few or several hundred consultants, we can help you make payroll payments and sort out insurance. In essence, it works as follows:

  • You upload a list of the relevant consultants
  • You specify their hours and pay before any payroll payments
  • You approve the invoice we send you that outlines the costs for all your consultants.
  • Once the invoice is paid, we pay the consultants within 24 hours.  

Consultants are also covered by our insurance policies, and we take on the employer liability, as the consultants are independent contractors of Cool Company. If you and your company have particular requirements, such as pay for unsociable hours, occupation pension, holiday pay, or some other issue, we can also help with that. Arrange an initial meeting with us and tell us your needs so we can get the ball rolling.

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Words from some of our clients

Användarna Benecons logotyp


“With Cool Company, we avoid long and many hours of administration and can instead focus on our core business, while knowing that our staff are insured and safe when they are out on assignments.”


“From my side, it works great & I get great help. I also think that my consultants think it works very well, especially since you have such good customer service.”

Tech buddy


“Hundreds of Buddies, one invoice – and Cool Company solves everything for us. In addition to payroll administration, they also take employer responsibility so that our Buddies receive the right provisions for occupational pension, sickness benefit, holiday pay and social security contributions. In this way, we can focus on the core business, which is to send out the right person to help when a need arises.”

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