Simple as ABC – how it works

Get started quickly billing your first assignment. Here are five steps to get you off to a flying start – from opening a free account to getting your first paycheck.

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How it works

Wonder what you could be making?

How about what you should be making? Get paid what you’re worth.
Use our wage calculator and in app services to ensure you charge the right amount for your work.

Customise your information

Enter your individual and contact details at once, they will be necessary when you submit your first invoice.
Click the gear in the upper right, select Settings. Don’t forget to fill in payroll information.

How it works
How it works

Make your invoice

Select Create Invoice to make your first invoice. Just go from top to bottom and fill in who is to be invoiced, how the invoice is to be handled, the amount charging and worked time.

Accept the terms, click submit and we’ll take care of the rest at Cool Company.

If you have advanced needs, Cool Company’s invoices can handle RUT / ROT deductions , expenses and travel allowances. You can also invoice assignments where you have worked with others with the help of our Team management.

Get paid!

We handle the entire invoicing process and make sure the administration is in order. We will contact you if anything is unclear.

We guarantee that we will pay your salary within 24 hours (banking days) after the invoice amount has been entered in our bank account.

If you want your compensation even faster, you can apply for ExpressPay. Then we guarantee that you will receive the money paid out 24 hours from the approval of the application.

How it works
How it works

Manage your finances

You have an overview on your Dashboard. Under My Company you can find your deals, assignments and invoices with key figures and monthly summaries.

In My Money you manage your money, how much you want to pay out in salary or save. Here you can also print your salary specifications and more.

Create an account and start invoicing now

Lets do this together! We at Cool Company want to be freelancers and consultants best friend. That is why it is free to create an account. You pay us when your clients pay you.