Work environment when freelancing

As a freelancer, what can you expect from your work environment when you take up an assignment, and what protection is it important to have? At Cool Company we care about your work environment, and we always make sure that you have the right insurance in place for the work you do.

Work environment

The same work environment responsibilities apply for independent contractors hired through contracting companies as for temporary staff hired through a recruitment agency. 

In most cases you’ll be working on assignments at the client’s site or in a place specified by the client. This means that in those cases you’re covered by their work environment management when it’s directly linked to the assignment. But it’s not. always that clear cut, so take a look on the checklists by Prevent to find our more. On the website you can choose your preferred language on the top of the page to your right.

Work environment for independent contractors

Things to find out in advance

You are personally responsible for finding out in advance what your assignment involves and in what conditions you’ll carry out the assignment, so that you can map any risks. If your client has policies or instructions relating to the work environment and how you should conduct yourself during the assignment so as to avoid becoming injured, then obviously you must follow them. Ahead of and during the assignment, you must be observant of any risks and shortcomings in the work environment and always report identified or potential shortcomings to us. You can send an e-mail to or contact our customer support. We can investigate the shortcomings and contact the client to sort out and resolve such issues.

Work environment policy

We carry out systematic work environment management at Cool Company and have a health and safety committee which, for example, plans how we as a company can improve the work environment for our employees. If you’d like to know more about our work in this area, please read our work environment policy.

Procedures for a crisis, accident, discrimination or rehab

Nothing could be worse than being exposed to discrimination, a crisis situation or getting injured at work. But if misfortune should strike, it’s important that you know how to proceed and, for example, what to do if you need to report an injury to us. Our policies and procedures on equality, crisis management and first aid are therefore shown below.

Crisis management and first aid

Obviously this is the last thing we want our employees to need information about. However, should something happen it’s important that our staff know how to act, which is why a policy for crisis management and first aid is vital.

Procedures for accidents and rehabilitation

If you injure yourself or are subject to threats, it’s extremely important that we investigate so that we can offer you help and report the matter. There are, therefore, procedures for reporting incidents, accidents, threats or violence, and for what to do if misfortune has already struck and you need help with job adaptation or rehabilitation.

Equality policy

At Cool Company we consider ourselves to be a modern company with modern values, and for us it goes without saying that all employees are valued equally. Unfortunately this ideal is not always followed, which is why it’s useful to have an equality policy. Read our equality policy if you would like to find out about our values or how to report discrimination, for example.


Having the right insurance as an independent contractor is often crucial when, as a private individual, you choose and compare who to use when you invoice without a company and corporation tax. With us it’s simple: when you register an assignment with us you are an independent contractor through us, you work under our company registration number and our corporation tax, so it’s essential (and a good thing) that you’re insured. For you and for us.

With Cool Company you’re insured round the clock when you’re out working. We work with Movestic Liv & Pension for our personal insurance. The policies are valid in Sweden, Norway and the EU.

Your insurance is always divided into two main parts – personal insurance, which protects you as an individual, and third-party liability insurance, which protects you should you cause an accident or injury while working on an assignment at your client’s site.

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Collective agreement

Cool Company has been affiliated to Säljarnas collective agreement since January 1, 2023 and as self-employed with us you are covered by the collective agreement. The collective agreement means that you who are between 25 and 66 years old have an automatic provision for an occupational pension that amounts to 4.5% of the gross salary, but can also choose to increase it. The collective agreement also includes that we will ensure that none of our self-employed are paid too little. We will follow a minimum wage of at least SEK 125/h if you are 20 years old or older.

You’re safe with our insurances

Third-party liability insurance

Third-party liability insurance is a form of property insurance. It provides protection and compensation if something breaks or an object is damaged when you carry out an assignment. For example, if you are laying flooring and drop something that damages or ruins the flooring, or if you are cleaning and knock over a vase that breaks.However, third-party liability insurance is not only for physical objects, but also protects against so-called pecuniary detriment. This is important to be aware of if you work as an IT consultant or a consultant in finance, accounting, training, marketing or sales.

Health insurance

You are covered by basic health insurance which functions as a supplement to the compensation from the Swedish Försäkringskassan in case of long-term illness. It also includes the possibility of rehabilitation and consultation support completely free of charge.  

If you become ill and have to be on sick leave at a minimum of 25 percent, health insurance can provide you with financial compensation.

Personal insurance – accidents

Accident insurance applies if you injure yourself at work or on the way to or from work. It provides compensation of up to 30 price base amounts for invalidity (both medical and financial invalidity).The accident insurance also covers costs that arise in connection with the injury, such as clothing, travel to the hospital and costs for visits to the doctor. It also encompasses costs for rehabilitation and assistive devices, and compensation for permanent injury. Cool Company’s accident insurance is valid round the clock.

Personal insurance – group life assurance

The second element of the personal insurance is group life assurance, which is life assurance with death-in-service benefit. The combination of accident insurance and group life assurance corresponds to the protection offered by Swedish collective agreements.


Cool Company strongly opposes all forms of corruption and unacceptable conduct, including sexual harassment, bullying and other exploitation of people.

Have you been involved in or heard anything that indicates illegal or unethical operations or unethical conduct? It could be to do with work not being carried out in accordance with agreements, terms, policies or laws and regulations.

It is not always easy to make a stand alone, but together we can fight this and create a safer work life. If you have seen or heard anything that you think should be reported, please e-mail us at

Needless to say, these e-mails are dealt with in the strictest confidence and with the utmost discretion.

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