Express Pay is an additional service to our regular invoicing / administration service. ExpressPay means that we pay your salary within 24 hours after your client has confirmed that the assignment has been completed.

How it works

1. You have a company client to invoice

2. Create an invoice in our system as per usual 

3. Check the box “Apply for ExpressPay”  

4. Send the invoice to your end customer 

5. Get paid! 

Illustration of Express pay

Important requirements for ExpressPay

1. You must be of legal age

2. The end customer must be a registered corporate customer with at least two financial statements

3. The customer must have approved ability to pay

4. Your customer must approve the invoice

5. Neither you nor your customer have a record of non-payment

6. You agree that we will check for a record of non-payment

7. Maximum amount of SEK 30,000 excluding VAT

Fair conditions and simple layout

We have reinvented freelance financing to give freelancers a better experience. 


A fee of 2.59% percent is added to the regular 5.98%


Use whenever you want. Safe and predictable.


The fee is based on invoiced value. 

FAQ about Express Pay

When you want to use ExpressPay, there is a fee of 2.59% which is added to the regular fee of 5.98%. This means that there will be a total fee of 8.57% when you use ExpressPay.

For regular invoicing, you will receive your salary within 24 hours of your customer paying your invoice. With ExpressPay you will receive your salary within 24 hours, as soon as your customer has confirmed that the assignment has been completed by approving the invoice you sent.

If your invoice doesn’t get approved, we will inform you that the invoice will be valid on normal terms instead. You will receive an email where you can change the payment terms from 30 days to other terms and you will send the invoice again.

If your customer does not pay the invoice on time, we will send out reminders, after which the case will be sent to collection if the customer still does not pay. Since ExpressPay is an advance payment on your invoiced fee, you may be liable for the repayment if your customer does not pay your invoice.