Calculate your salary

What do I earn and what do I take home after taxes?

There are many questions one can ask. How much and what should I invoice? How much should I invoice for a certain salary? And what do I earn as a salary from what I invoice? In the invoice calculator, you can check how much you earn as a salary from what you invoice! You can also see how much goes towards employer contributions, taxes, and social contributions.

You do the work and decide how much it should cost – and you take home roughly half of that amount. What happens to the money along the way? For you, as a new freelancing self-employed individual, the question of “What salary do I want?” is important to consider. The amount you want as a salary is what you need to base your calculation on when determining the price for your services to customers. What you invoice is not what you take home; you need to check what you take home and convert the invoice to a salary.

Cool Company handles and sends out the invoices to customers that the self-employed individuals send to us. We also monitor and handle reminders if needed. As soon as the customer has paid the invoice and the money has come in, we pay out the salary.

In connection with that, we deduct our fee of 5.98%, as well as employer contributions and taxes. The net salary, i.e., what comes into your account, usually ends up being approximately half of the invoiced amount.

Even if you are a self-employed individual with corporate tax, you cannot keep more money as a salary. The difference is that as a self-employed individual, you must manage bookkeeping and tax payments yourself, while Cool Companys service handles the work for you when you are self-employed.

Salary after taxes and fees

Use our calculator to figure out how much of the invoiced amount you will have in your wallet after taxes and fees have been deducted. Cool Company assists you in managing the payment of taxes, VAT, and more.

  • Salary on your account

    4 803 SEK

  • Pension

    308 SEK

  • Total compensation

    5 254 SEK

  • Your net salary

    4 803 SEK

  • Pension

    308 SEK

  • Taxes & social fees

    4 289 SEK

  • Cool Company fee 5,98%

    598 SEK

*The calculator gives you a general calculation that does not include any deviating factors

A small glossary

Self-employment means that you can work as a freelancer or consultant and invoice without having a company by having the F-tax certificate through us at Cool Company.

Corporate tax
Corporate tax, is a tax that all businesses are required to pay. Businesses must have a so-called corporate tax certificate, but as a self-employed individual with Cool Company, we handle the corporate tax payment for you. This allows you to invoice as an individual since you use our F-tax certificate.

Net Salary
Net salary is the amount you receive as a salary, deposited into your account after taxes and fees have been deducted.

Employer Contributions
Employer contributions are a part of the social fees that employers pay to the tax agency for each employee.