FAQ about how it works

To create a job, click on Assignment in the menu and select New Assignment. A new Assignment form opens, and you can enter the details. When done, send the assignment to us at Cool Company. You can also send the assignment to your client so you can both see what you’ve agreed on.

We recommend always pre-registering a new assignment with us. This ensures you have the proper insurance when working at a customer site to do the agreed work.

You can also automatically create an invoice specification based on the forms content to save time later.

Cool Company ensures that the invoice is complete and then sends it on to your client. All the paperwork and administration (including any reminder handling) are taken care of by Cool Company. You can always see the status of your sent invoices under “invoices” in the menu.

You can pre-check an invoice by clicking on the blue Check button (a small eye on mobile devices) when you’re in the invoice. A PDF preview is created, which shows you exactly what your invoice will look like when it reaches your client.

En enskild näringsidkare lämnar sitt kontor i regnet

Yes, you can invoice in currencies other than SEK.

You set your own payment terms by specifying 10, 20 or 30 days when creating your invoice.

ROT and RUT deductions can be included on an invoice when you invoice a private person using a per hour rate. You see the choice for ROT and RUT under your invoice settings when you create a new invoice. Fill in the additional required information and then submit your invoice as usual.

Cool Company takes care of all the admin. You will be paid in two instalments: when the client pays, and when the Swedish Tax Agency approves and pays the ROT/RUT part.

Important: When you create an invoice and want to report deductions, it is important to state your working hours in hours, because it is only these working hours for which deductions can be made against. That is to say, the working time is what entitles you to ROT and RUT deductions.

Do you want to invoice your customer for materials? In that case, you must create a new invoice row where you add the cost of materials. Your invoice will look something like this:

Invoice row 1: Cleaning 2 hours at SEK 375
Invoice row 2: Material cost of SEK 250

You add an invoice line by clicking “Add new invoice row” when creating your invoice.

Some professional groups are allowed a standard cost deduction from gross salary/remuneration. If for example you’re a musician and want to issue an invoice without a registered company, you can make a cost deduction of up to 30%. This is provided you perform using your own instrument and in front of an audience. The cost deduction is made directly for each invoice.

If you have expenses and travel costs to include on an invoice, you will find the relevant sections at the bottom of the invoice form. We will do our best to deal with your expenses quickly, but we need to have receipts sent to us digitally (uploaded via our website or scanned copies by email), or original receipts sent in by post. The expense must be relevant to the assignment in question. If in doubt, please contact Customer Support and we’ll be happy to help you sort it out.

For travel costs, we deal with vehicle mileage and expenses both within Sweden and internationally.

Cool Company is since 1 January 2023 connected to a collective agreement. Freelancers between 25 and 67 years old will have an automatic provision for occupational pension. The provision amounts to 4.5% of the gross salary. Keep that in mind when you set your price against your customer.

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