FAQ about the collective agreement

From January 1, 2023, Cool Company enters into a collective agreement with the Säljarnas Fackförbund. Here we have gathered questions and answers about the collective agreement and how it affects you as a self-employed person with us.

Self-employed persons between the ages of 25 and until the day they turn 67 will have an automatic provision for an occupational pension, amounting to 4.5% of the gross salary. However, each self-employed person can choose to increase the level. Self-employed persons between the ages of 18 and 24 will continue to have the opportunity to set aside for an occupational pension.

We will not change our fee due to the collective agreement, the price model will continue to work exactly as usual. You as a self-employed should, on the other hand, pay attention to the fact that approximately 4.5% of the gross salary is set aside for your occupational pension. You can keep that in mind when setting your price to your customer.

No, there is no impact. The collective agreement is between the employer Cool Company and Säljarnas, which means that there is no influence towards the client/end customer.

No, there is no change compared to the current agreement. For self-employed workers, the main rule continues to be that the employment is valid for a certain period of time. The fixed-term employment is called “special fixed-term employment” and applies during the agreed period.

Each self-employed person decides by themselves whether they want to join a trade union or not and, if so, which trade union. By Cool Company entering into a collaboration with Säljarnas, we ensure that each self-employed person is covered by an even broader security package than before. On the other hand, membership in the trade union is not imposed on each self-employed person.

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