Simple, secure payroll administration for freelancers and consultants

Spending endless hours on administration isn’t for everyone. We help our customers to manage payroll and insurance for their staff. Securely and without any hassle. 

How our service works 

You upload a list of the consultants you want to administer via Cool Company. We take care of onboarding, make sure the employment contract is in order, and collect the consultant’s personal and bank details. 

When the time comes for your first payroll run, you upload a list of the number of hours worked and the amount of pay earned for each consultant. In return, you receive a summary invoice, rather than one for each consultant. Once the invoice is paid, we pay your consultants within 24 hours. 

Your consultants can log in to our tool and get a complete overview of the pay they’ve earned, and can change their bank details, allocate funds to their occupational pension, or request digital certificates of employment. Consultants are also covered by our insurance policies, and we take on the employer liability, as the consultants are independent contractors of Cool Company.

If you and your company have particular requirements, such as pay for unsociable hours, occupational pension, payroll cost credits, one invoice per consultant instead of a group invoice, a time reporting function, holiday pay, or some other issue, we can also help with that. Arrange an initial meeting with us and tell us your needs so we can get the ball rolling.

We call it simple payroll administration for freelancers and consultants. 

USA, Texas, Austin

Benefits for both the company and consultants

Employer liability

Regardless of whether your team consists of 2 or 200 freelancers and consultants, we can assume full employer liability. With our service, you avoid spending time on all those things that distract you from more profitable activities.    

Payroll administration

As a business customer with us you get access to our Business Dashboard, where you can gather all your employees and freelancers in one web app. Put together teams, plan and coordinate assignments and regularly follow up on work.


When your staff are independent contractors through us, we ensure that each person is looked after and insured, on the way to and from work and during working hours.


Whether you want an API solution or to work in Excel, we can find the solution that best suits your business. We can also help with supplementary insurance policies and additional occupational pensions.


Business customers and their freelancers and consultants will have free access to one of our customer delivery managers for assistance throughout the process.

Get in touch with us to get started