Payments to your freelancers and consultants

Are you planning to expand your business abroad? Or have you found freelance talent outside but don’t know how to pay their salaries? With Cool Company, it’s easy to pay fees or salaries to freelancers and consultants inside and outside of Sweden.

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Easy payouts

Pay fees and salaries to freelancers inside and outside of Sweden smoothly and securely with Cool Company. If you have freelancers or consultants in Sweden, Norway or in the United Kingdom, we provide an EOR service to easily pay them a net salary. Moreover, we can disburse fees to freelancers and consultants worldwide. It’s convenient, secure, and cost-effective!

Working with freelancers worldwide

The job market has evolved, much has been digitized, and the entire world is open to us, creating more opportunities than ever. For instance, there’s a whole world of people to collaborate with, and perhaps the best talents for your business are located overseas.

In this new technological and globalized job market, companies need to be agile and scalable. A significant step in that direction is managing your international payouts with the help of Cool Company.

For many companies, there are multiple reasons and advantages to working with consultants. But even though the work itself has its benefits, it can also involve a lot of complexity, bureaucracy, and manual handling when it comes to salaries or making international payments to consultants abroad.

This doesn’t have to hinder your opportunities to work with the right people. Cool Company assists with salary payments to the United Kingdom, Sweden and Norway. Fees can be disbursed worldwide. We have both the knowledge and experience to venture into new markets with other companies and are happy to facilitate your expansion journey.

Salaries and fees – how does it work?

Cool Company operates in Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom. If you are already working or planning to work with consultants in these regions, partnering with us is a straightforward process. In the Nordic countries and the UK, we can easily disburse salaries, fully taxed, to your freelancers or consultants.

For countries outside the Nordic region and the UK, we can quickly and smoothly pay fees to your freelancers, and they are responsible for handling the rest.

Employment of Record (EOR)

  • Simple and accurate salary payouts in Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom
  • Handling taxes, social contributions, and other government fees
  • Secure and insured freelancers and consultants

An Employer of record (EOR) is an entity that legally employs workers on behalf of another business. An EOR takes full responsibility for all aspects of employment including compliance, payroll, taxes, and benefits. An employer of record (EOR) is therefore a third-party organization that acts as the legal employer for your workers and can be located within the same country as the business it employs workers for or in another country with different employment laws.

Cool Company as Employer of Record (EOR) offers a business solution, Cool Business, helping organization to employ staff in Sweden and pay net salaries. To hire workforce through Cool Business you don’t need to have a legal entity in Sweden, Norway or UK. We offer employment services and ensure compliance according to local labor laws. Through independent contracting we provide assignment contract, onboarding, payroll management, and handling the legal compliance of Swedish employment laws and tax regulations. We will be your local employment provider, for both regional as well as international employees. In return, you will receive individual or Group invoices. 

Regardless of how small or large your work force is, you are welcome to use The Cool Company bussies solution. 

Global gross payouts

Do you have self employed workers performing work for your business in other countries, and do not know how to pay them?  

Cool Company’s global gross payout service will be able to pay your workers a gross salary around the world through our business service platform Cool Business. We assist in disbursing compensation worldwide to consultants who have their own company or can declare their compensation in their home country, all in non-sanctioned countries. 

Pay your self employed Contractors in all corners of the world!

Do you want to know more?

Do you have more questions about how we can assist with payments to your freelancers or consultants? Contact us, and we will provide more information!