EOR – Employer of record

As an EOR in Sweden and Norway, we can hire employees locally on behalf of a company or recruitment agency based in another country, where they don’t have a legal entity themselves. The employees would perform work in Sweden or Norway, but the assignment would still be mastered by the company or recruitment agency. The legal responsibilities of employment lying with us as the EOR in Sweden and Norway. 

EOR in Sweden and Norway

In both Sweden and Norway, the industry is thriving, with many exciting projects underway, including various types of energy productions. With new large-scale projects, a significant increase in resources is required, and a considerable portion of the expertise comes from outside Sweden and Norway.

For recruitment agencies and companies placing talent in Sweden and Norway, Cool Company serves as an EOR (Employer of Record). We have local entities and take care of the consultant by handling the necessary administration, payroll management, and onboarding into the Swedish work environment

How can Cool Company help me on the Nordic market?

Cool Company stands as your trusted partner in navigating the Nordic markets, ensuring full compliance with local labor and employment laws in Sweden and Norway. As your Employer of Record, we will handle the administrative and legal responsibilities associated with employing the contractors. Including, but not limited to, handling employment contracts, assignment contracts, insurances, payrolling, reporting of taxes to authorities as well as assisting with onboarding.

How Does Cool Company differ from other providers?

Established Market Leader: As one of the leading umbrella organizations in Sweden and Norway, Cool Company has been at the forefront of ensuring legal compliance and excellence in managing contractors since 2009.

With a proven track record, we’ve successfully handled contractors for over 500 leading enterprises and recruitment firms. Here’s just a glimpse of our valued clientele

Clas Fixare

“We use Cool Company to ensure all our freelance craftsmen feel secure and safe when working with us. Collaborating with Cool Company means that we at Clas Fixare can focus on what we do best!”


“From my side, it works great & I get great help. I also think that my consultants think it works very well, especially since you have such good customer service.”


“Tingent solves the mission, Cool Company handles the invoicing. A great duo for skilled freelancers to focus on what they do best”

Cool Company as your EOR partner 

As a legal employer, Cool Company is your partner in Norway and Sweden. We help you manage relocation and onboarding of remote employees and contractors, their payroll, benefits, taxes and work permits.

Direct Operational Control

Unlike others, we don’t rely on sub-suppliers. Our direct management of operations from initial contact to final contractor payment means faster response times and no external dependencies, allowing for quicker contractor placements.

Transparent Pricing

With us, what you see is what you get. There are no hidden fees, complex financial illustrations where margins are baked in, or additional charges for essential insurances. We offer clear, straightforward financial illustrations of the contractors take-home pay. We always include comprehensive insurance coverage (life, accident, and liability) at no additional cost, and directly pay out holiday pay without accumulating it.

Personalized Contractor Onboarding

We provide a detailed introduction to our employment process together with the contractor. This will give your business an edge in convincing contractors to undertake assignments. This personal touch ensures contractors are well aware of what the process will look like, which will minimise number of future queries that your business will get.

More benefits with Cool Company:

  • International Payment Handling
  • Local Expertise and Legal Compliance
  • Administrative Relief
  • Compliance 
  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • Support and Guidance
  • Geographical Coverage and International Expansion
  • Cost-effectiveness

What is the difference between an EOR and an EOP?

EOR (Employer of Records) offers distinct advantages, particularly in terms of legal and compliance responsibilities. With EOR, companies can offload the burden of legal liabilities and tax obligations onto a dedicated entity, reducing risks and ensuring adherence to regulations. This allows businesses to focus more on their core operations while maintaining compliance with employment laws. In contrast, while PEOs (Professional Employer Organization) offer comprehensive HR services, EOR’s specialization in legal and tax compliance stands out as a key benefit for businesses navigating complex regulatory environments.

Employer of Record – FAQ

An EOR is a service provider that assumes the role of the official employer for staff hired internationally. This means the EOR handles all administrative and legal aspects of employment, including payroll, taxes, and insurance, making it easier for companies to expand internationally without needing to establish a legal entity in the new country.

Using an EOR service for international staffing can reduce the administrative burden and risk for the company. It also provides flexibility to expand into new markets rapidly and easily without having to navigate through complex employment and tax laws in each country.

An EOR service can offer a wide range of services, including managing salaries and benefits, drafting employment contracts, tax administration, reporting to authorities, as well as support with onboarding and local compliance.

Choosing a reliable and experienced EOR service ensures the company receives accurate and professional support in all aspects of international staffing. It reduces the risk of complications, incorrect compliance with laws and regulations, and allows the company to focus on its core business while the EOR service handles the administrative tasks.

Using an Employer of Record (EOR) can be advantageous for companies for various reasons. It can help streamline the process of placing personnel in different countries, reduce the risk of inaccuracies and compliance issues, and enable quicker and smoother expansion into new markets.

Yes, an EOR can be used for both temporary and project-based employment. By using an EOR, companies can easily manage employments of varying lengths and scopes without needing to establish a permanent presence in the new country.

Yes, an EOR partner in Sweden or Norway can be used for both temporary and project-based employment. By utilizing an EOR partner, companies can easily manage employments without needing to establish their own legal entity in the respective country.

Yes Cool Company is an EOR partner in Sweden and Norway, we can hire employees locally on behalf of a company or recruitment agency based in another country, where they don’t have a legal entity themselves.

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