Global Gross Payout

Cool Company offers a solution for global gross payout. Through this service, individuals who work as consultants and have their own company or can declare their compensation in their home country can receive their gross amount worldwide.

Gross Payouts – the process is simple

Cool Company’s global gross payout service will be able to pay your self-employed workforce gross amount around the world through our business service platform. We assist in disbursing compensation worldwide to consultants who have their own company or can declare their compensation in their home country, all in non-sanctioned countries.

Self-employed workforce will get onboarded in our self-service platform where we handle all invoicing and the payouts.

Who are we?

Cool Company is a part of Verdane Capital Holdings and has been operating as an independent contracting company (or umbrella payroll provider) for more than 10 years. During that time we have learned a great deal, which we then put into practice, and we are always keen to gain new insights into how we can be the best partner possible. 

We have local entities in Sweden, Norway and the UK, and a global gross payout service world wide.

More than 100 000 freelancers, consultants, students, hobbyists and people with second jobs have invoiced for their services through Cool Company. A flexible and secure option – plain and simple. 

Dive into the Global Gross Payout benefits

In today’s interconnected world, businesses operate on a global scale, engaging with partners, suppliers, and clients across borders. However, managing payouts across different countries and currencies can present significant challenges. This is where global gross payout solutions come into play.

Global gross payout solutions streamline the entire payout process, from initiating payments to reconciliation. By consolidating payouts into a single platform, businesses can reduce administrative overheads and minimize the time spent on manual processes.

Compliance and Risk Mitigation:
Navigating the complex landscape of international payments, compliance, and classifications. Global gross payout solutions help businesses make safe payments to self-employed workforce without any risks of misclassifications.  

Flexibility and Scalability:
Business needs evolve over time, and scalability is crucial for adapting to growth or changes in market dynamics. Global gross payout solutions offer flexibility to scale operations seamlessly, whether expanding into new markets or accommodating fluctuating transaction volumes. This scalability empowers businesses to remain agile and responsive to evolving demands.

Enhanced Partner Relationships:
Smooth and timely payouts are essential for fostering strong relationships with partners, contractors, and self-employed. Global gross payout solutions provide transparency and reliability in payments, enhancing trust and collaboration with stakeholders. By prioritizing the financial well-being of partners, businesses cultivate long-term partnerships built on mutual respect and shared success.

In conclusion, global gross payout solutions offer a comprehensive suite of benefits for businesses operating in today’s global economy. From efficiency gains and cost savings to compliance adherence and enhanced relationships, these solutions empower businesses to navigate the complexities of cross-border transactions with confidence. By embracing global gross payout solutions, businesses can unlock their full potential, drive sustainable growth, and stay ahead in a competitive marketplace.

FAQ about gross payout

The payment is made when the invoice is paid. The workforce will receive the amount in their accounts within 24 hours from when Cool Company has received the payment.

No, as self-employed, they need to ensure they have the right insurance coverage during their assignments.

Yes, they can apply for Express Pay provided they meet the criteria for Express Pay.

They log into their Cool Company account and can make changes under “settings”.

Insurance, correct invoicing information so that the invoices are received correctly, and knowing that self-employed are responsible for paying taxes in their home country.

No, Cool Company will issue the invoices on their behalf, and therefore a contract needs to be signed between us and them.

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Cool Company’s global gross payout service streamlines the process of compensating consultants worldwide, ensuring they receive their full payment.