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Projects and teams

Create your teams, distribute assignments, track your projects, take care of invoicing - One app to rule them all.

Manage your workforce in one platform.

Invite your workforce and build teams online. Onboarding has never been easier!

Plan and distribute assignments at set prerequisites. Your workforce accepts the assignments in the app, and they are ready to go!

Track and follow up on progress on your projects and teams.

Get consolidated invoices of all your freelancer and contractor costs, with easy comparison to your different projects.

Get a free trial of Business Dashboard for 30 days!

Set up projects and teams

Simplify your freelance management

Do you spend most of your days in spreadsheets and long e-mails, trying to keep track of who's doing what? Do you get the blues by the end of the month when all the contractors invoicing are due?

Let's fix that! Managing your projects has never been easier, regardless whether the job is done by your own employees, freelancers or contractors. You also get one-click payment of all your contractor costs in the same web app. That's Business Dashboard.

When workforce management is a breeze

With our web app Business Dashboard you
✓ invite your workforce and build teams online
✓ plan and distribute assignments at set prerequisites
✓ track and follow up on progress
✓ get consolidated invoices of all your freelancer and contractor costs

To make sure that Business Dashboard is the right fit for you, you get a 30 day free trial to try it out.

Try Business Dashboard for free

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Compliance solutions

Staffing up on project basis usually results in unwanted administration, and a lot of freelancers don't have their own company. We offer full compliance and insurance for freelancers.

Hassle free payroll

When the number of freelancers engaged increases, so does the effort of keeping track of assignments and invoices. We got the solution you need!