FAQ about our webservice

Once you have created an account with us, you will have access to your personal dashboard.

Your Dashboard gives you an overview and updates on everything that happens in the service. Your Dashboard displays news from Cool Company along with your “to do” list showing the tasks you need to fill in. When your “to do” list is empty, you can sit back and let us at Cool Company the rest.

If you work together with others, you create a Team in your invoice where you specify which users are included, how much compensation each should have and when they performed the task. You easily add your team under “addons” when you create an invoice.
The service keeps track of how much you can distribute between you and your self-employed colleagues in the team and also recalculates the amounts if you invoiced in a currency other than SEK.

Click on Assignment in the navigation menu and select Create new. A new Assignment form will open; fill in the details of the work to be performed, who you are doing it for, how much you will be paid, and the due date for the assignment. When you’ve done this, submit the assignment to us at Cool Company. You can also send the assignment to your client, so that you can both see what you have agreed.

Preregistering a new assignment with Cool Company is the best way to ensure that you have the correct insurance when at a client’s premises and doing the agreed work. Tip: we recommend that you always preregister your assignments with us – for your own benefit. You can also save time when invoicing by automatically creating an invoice document using the Assignment contents.

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