FAQ about Insurance, Sick pay and Work environment

We want you to be able to carry out your assignments without running into difficulties or hurting yourself. We therefore take work environment issues very seriously, as must you when you work through us. Always refer to our General Terms & Conditions to find out what aspects of health, safety and the work environment are regulated. Because we are not there when you work, it is very important that you’re familiar with the regulations, terms and conditions applicable in your industry.

You must always report any work environment issues to us, as per the procedures found under work environment on our website. If you are in doubt about your situation at work, please contact us either via Customer Support or at arbetsmiljo@coolcompany.se so we can resolve any issue together.

You are entitled to sick pay under certain circumstances, and provided you have pre-registered your assignment when you work through us. Always check the General Terms & Conditions, and the regulations found under Agreements, terms and policies. Read more about sickpay and the conditions: https://coolcompany.com/se/en/sickness-benefit/

You are covered by our accident insurance (TFO), group life insurance (TGL), liability insurance and health insurance. Read more about insurance here.

You are entitled to compensation from your unemployment insurance under the Swedish Unemployment Insurance Act, provided you meet the conditions. It is your responsibility as a contractor to contact your unemployment insurance coordinator for further information, and you can read more about self-employment and unemployment insurance here.

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An ID06 is an access card used by construction sites, which registers all workers in a personnel ledger. Cool Company, as an employer, applies for an ID06 for you. To apply for an ID06, you must register an account, send a written application to us and sign an agreement. The cost will then be charged to you.

Cool Company’s insurance protection includes liability insurance for construction/civil engineering work. We charge this insurance to everyone doing this kind of work, and the premium is based on the estimated annual turnover of the individual contractor. When you send in your first invoice, you will receive an email asking you to respond with your estimated annual turnover. Your premium will then be based on this figure.

Cool Company takes a fee of 5.98% of the invoiced amount excluding VAT. Cool Company takes a fee of 5.98% of the invoiced amount excluding VAT. The fee includes:                 

  • Reporting and paying taxes, contributions and VAT to the Swedish Tax Agency.
  • Paying your salary with the tax already deducted.
  • Bookkeeping, auditing (KPMG) and debt collection (Intrum Justitia), but please note that legal matters are not included in debt collection.
  • Administering your ROT & RUT (non-commercial clients) deduction.

If you are between the ages 25 and 66, there’s an automatic provision for an occupational pension, amounting to 4.5% of the gross salary.

Cool Company will pay your salary into your bank account within 24 hours of receiving payment of your invoice. You can also decide for yourself when you wish to receive your salary, and to put some of your pay into pension and savings.

If you select ExpressPay, we will pay the money straight into your bank account when we and your client have pre-approved your invoice. Please bear in mind that it will still take one banking day before the money appears in your account.

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When you submit an invoice, you also accept the agreement and the applicable General Terms & Conditions.When you submit an invoice, you also accept the agreement and the applicable General Terms & Conditions.

You are a general fixed-term employee of Cool Company, on a contractual basis. Your employment begins and ends with each assignment you complete, and your time worked is what you invoice for.

Bear in mind that you need to pre-register an assignment to ensure you have full insurance cover, the right details for unemployment insurance and so on.

Yes, if you have worked through us and have had your invoice paid. For employment certificates, please email info@coolcompany.se.

To ensure your insurance cover is valid and you are entitled to sick pay, you must pre-register your assignments and have them approved. You create assignments from your Cool Company account.

The formal invoice issuer and payment recipient is Cool Company Skandinavien AB, and it is Cool Company’s company details such as corporation tax reference and VAT number that should be entered, where applicable. You can, however, use your own name and your own logo on the invoices you send to your clients.

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