FAQ about deductions

You are entitled to claim for expenses, as long as they are directly related to the assignment.

Expenses you can claim for are travel, accommodation, rental of premises and consumables. Consumables refers to materials used during the course of an assignment. You must always submit receipts, in digital or physical form, to have your expenses approved.

To claim the entire amount, you must also invoice your client for your expenses.

Note: For expenses over SEK 4,000 including VAT, Cool Company Skandinavien AB must be given as the recipient on the receipt.

Cool Company is responsible in terms of VAT, and you will receive the equivalent amount provided you have an invoice specifying the costs. Receipts should be sent to us digitally by scanning or digital receipt, or original receipts can be sent in by post.

You can make ROT (Repairs, Conversion, Extension) and RUT (Cleaning, Maintenance, Laundry) deductions if your client is a private individual. For ROT, the client must also be the owner or joint owner of the apartment or building where you will be working. Our service makes it easy to deal with ROT and RUT jobs. When filling in the invoicing data, simply select ROT/RUT. For RUT deductions, enter your client’s personal number (personnummer). For ROT deductions enter the building designation, and for tenant/owner apartments enter the association’s registered number and the apartment number.

The rest will be dealt with automatically.

Allowance is a tax-exempt standard amount that varies depending on the country. Full-day and half-day allowances are available. When you invoice through us, you are entitled to an allowance if you spend at least one night more than 50 kilometres from your home.

The allowance is not usually added onto the price you charge your client. It is intended to cover the higher costs of working away from home. Please contact us if you have any questions about allowance and we’ll guide you through the process.

frilansare jobbar vid dator

As an independent contractor with Cool Company, you will benefit from the tax-free mileage compensation of SEK 1.85/km when using your own vehicle. To make sure you receive 100% of the amount, you must also invoice your customer the same amount.

To register vehicle mileage and have it approved, the Swedish Tax Agency requires you to specify each journey. This means that you cannot simply add together more than one return journey. To receive compensation for vehicle mileage, you must have used your own vehicle.

You cannot claim expenses for purchases made before you started working through Cool Company. It’s worth getting into the habit of submitting your receipts for an assignment when you submit your invoicing details. As a rule, the expenses should not be more than 30 days old. If you make purchases in Cool Company’s name, you must pay by cash using your own money.

Any investments you make when working through Cool Company will automatically become our property, even though you’ve paid for them with your own money. For this reason, it is better to claim expenses for purchases of this nature in your tax self-assessment.

You can claim for up to SEK 300 incl. VAT per month, i.e. a maximum of SEK 3,600 incl. VAT per year, for fitness/preventive healthcare activities (preventive healthcare expenses/deductions). To claim for fitness/preventive healthcare activities you must show original receipts, digital receipts or scanned/photographed copies and submit them to Cool Company every month (you can only claim this subsidy one (1) month retrospectively). It is therefore important that you send in receipts as above, on an ongoing monthly basis.

There are many types of fitness/wellness/preventive healthcare, and they don’t all qualify. Therefore, always contact Cool Company’s Customer Support to make sure you choose one that qualifies for the subsidy.

The fitness/preventive healthcare subsidy is dealt with in the same way as expenses on the web portal.

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