Grunderna i att använda webbtjänsten

Your Dashboard gives you an overview and an update about everything that happens in the service. Through Timeline you can for instance get messages about your invoices on their way towards payment, messages from customer support and messages from other independent contractors if you are working in a team. Here you can also see your virtual company develop in My Company and you can take care of your salary and your savings in My Money.

Keep an eye on your life as an independent contractor: log in and check things out on your Dashboard regularly!



The Timeline is a part of your Dashboard. It’s your quickest way of getting an overview over the important events in the service. Here you can see when your invoices are sent to the customer, when they are paid, messages from Customer Support about important events or when they need to get in touch with you, etc. You use the Timeline in approximately the same way as other regular social networks, such as Facebook or LinkedIn.


As soon as your first invoice has been sent to your first customer, My Company opens in the Dashboard.

My Company gives you an insight of how you and your virtual company develop as an independent contractor at Cool Company. 

In My Company you can see how your business is handled – how many invoices you have created and their value during the period of time you choose to select. If you are invoicing services including Swedish ROT or RUT deductions, you will get a separate overview of them.

You will also find graphics of you invoice history and your customers’ payments habits and activities.

Through the yearly overview graph, you can see the development of the value of your invoicing month after month. In that way you get a clear indication of how you’re doing at a certain point in comparison to your history. You can get in depth info about individual events in the transaction overview.


My Money is a part of your Dashboard and opens as soon as your first invoice has been paid by your client.

With My Money you have complete control of your money, salaries and savings. It’s from here you can handle transfers between your accounts at Cool Company and your traditional bank. If you have travelling expenses and other expenses related to assignments and invoices, then the compensation will be accounted for and presented here, together with other payments.

Here you can also see the balances of your different accounts, through the graphic overview. You can open up separate accounts for Savings and for your occupational pension.

In the monthly overview, you can get an overview of what you have earned from the beginning of the year. And of course you can access your real-time updated payslips.