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Temporary worker agreement



Between Cool Company Freelance UK, company no. 11121262 (“employer”), and the temporary worker, whose contact details are specified on their online account, (“temporary worker”), as follows


Temporary worker agreement


    1. Capacity

The temporary worker will be employed in a capacity specified by themselves on their online account on CC’s website. Capacity is specified by choice of work category.


  1. Type of employment

The temporary worker is temporarily employed during the time period of the assignment in installments of 30 days at a time. This is in direct correlation with the performed assignment and consequent invoicing.


  1. Location of work and working hours

Location of work can vary and is to be decided by the temporary worker for each assignment. Working hours should be decided between the client and the temporary worker, but must be in accordance with general terms and conditions and applicable law.


  1. Pay

The net pay received by the temporary worker from the employer is based on the price of assignment set by the temporary worker. The temporary worker is responsible for managing pricing as well as planning of annual leave, applicable insurance and pensions alongside other fees/costs not encompassed in the general terms and conditions – temporary worker. If the temporary worker is not engaging in an assignment then there will be no salary to be paid out.
– Payment of salary can be made automatically when the invoice is paid by the client to the employer. Or at a chosen date when the invoice has been fully paid by the client which is set manually.


  1. Pension and Insurance

Salary is paid out including potential salary sacrifice for pension as decided by the temporary worker. The employer can provide the option to allow the temporary worker to sacrifice part of their salary for pension.


  1. Holiday

Holiday does not have to be reported to the employer and the temporary worker only has the duty to work during the assignment as declared by themselves. Holiday pay is included in pricing of each assignment and the employer has no responsibility to control this pricing.


  1. Scope and termination of agreement

The agreement is in place between the start and end of the assignment. The assignment is ended the day after the client has paid the invoice for assignment to the employer. The employer has the right to terminate the agreement with the temporary worker if the temporary worker is in breach of this agreement or general terms and conditions – temporary worker.


  1. Management of personal information

The temporary worker is to give consent to the employer to handle their personal information as provided on their website prior to the start of the assignment. Full terms are specified on the the employer’s website.






Signing this contract is done by agreeing to this Temporary Workers Agreement and General Terms and Conditions on CC’s website

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Cool Company Skandinavien AB      Temporary Worker

Jonny Simonsson, CFO                                             


Contact details

Employer:                                                                   Temporary worker:

Cool Company Freelance UK                                         Name and contact details as specified on the


Company no. 11121262

11 Montagu Pl, London W1H 2AL

Contact: Jakob Sandström

Tel. +(46)010-330 30 11