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Get ready for the rebound

After a sharp and painful recession, the UK’s economy is expected to recover in the second half of 2020 with a 6% rebound in 2021. The key drivers for the rebound will be a recovery in consumer spending, business investment, and an increase in exports. 

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Let’s talk about tax baby!

Ok, even inserting tax into a popular Salt-N-Peppa song still won’t make taxes sexy, but its worth a try

What’s the Difference? Umbrella vs Limited vs Self-Employed

Common questions asked in the umbrella industry both from agencies and contractors is “what’s the difference between an Umbrella and a Limited Company?



Work from home

Many freelancers and consultants work from home, either full-time or occasionally. Here are our best tips!

Kris explains IR35

Our IR35 experts Kris Simpson explains IR35 from start to finish. 

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Why do Recruitment Agencies use Umbrella Payroll Companies?

In the past, during the regular business development activities, I was often asked by recruitment agencies “Why should we use an umbrella company”. And this was a standard question at the time, and I had my pitch so streamlined it answered that question the normal follow-up questions, all in one!

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Building a digital product in an analogue industry

I want to take some time and tell you about the journey Cool Company and I took to create what I believe to be a revolutionary solution we now have available to contractors.

A freelancer taking a business call from his home office

To be captured or to not be captured, how would you know?

If you’re a contractor working via your own limited company in year 2020/21, then the phrase “captured by IR35” will strike fear to your very core! Any research in the IR35 will suggest you find out if you are captured or not.