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Work from home

Many freelancers and consultants work from home, either full-time or occasionally. Here are our best tips!

Kris explains IR35

Our IR35 experts Kris Simpson explains IR35 from start to finish. 

Let’s talk about tax baby!

Ok, even inserting tax into a popular Salt-N-Peppa song still won’t make taxes sexy, but its worth a try

What’s the Difference? Umbrella vs Limited vs Self-Employed

Common questions asked in the umbrella industry both from agencies and contractors is “what’s the difference between an Umbrella and a Limited Company?


Why do Recruitment Agencies use Umbrella Payroll Companies?

In the past, during the regular business development activities, I was often asked by recruitment agencies “Why should we use an umbrella company”. And this was a standard question at the time, and I had my pitch so streamlined it answered that question the normal follow-up questions, all in one!

Building a digital product in an analogue industry

. I want to take some time and tell you about the journey Cool Company and I took to create what I believe to be a revolutionary solution we now have available to contractors.